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The Jellicles you barely know - Hobo

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Skimbleshanks, the railway cat;
the cat of the railway train!

All the guards and all the porters and the stationmaster's daughters
Would be searching high and low
Saying "Skimble, where is Skimble for unless he's very nimble
Then the night mail just can't go"
What tribe would be complete without a Jester? Hobo Skimbleshanks is another of the Jellicles that truly earned his name.

I will still working the night shift when the little Hobo showed up. Several trains cars of materials had been delivered to the factory overnight, and the warehouse crew was busy opening them up to unload them. Our Plant Manager (who is also on the shelter's board of directors) and our Production planner were standing outside the plant when they noticed a little fuzz ball pounce out of one of the railcars and come trotting toward them. He was a tiny little red and white kitten, and had one thing on his mind. He had been locked in a railcar for 3 days, our production planner had a turkey sandwich in her bag, he knew it, and he wanted it!

Just home from the factory, still covered in creosote and rail dust

He may have been exploring, or taking a nap inside the car when it was closed, but however it happened, he had undertaken a 3 day, 600 mile odyssey that easily makes my little Hobo "The Jellicle most travelled"!

He had no problem talking Jeanna out of her sandwich, and ate nearly half of it (he still has that appetite ) Then, the two of them met me at the front door as I was leaving to go home, and in the course of a short conversation, the kitten ended up getting draped over my left shoulder, where he promptly dozed off. I was riding the motorcycle that day, so the Hobo is also the only Jellicle ever to be delivered by the Humane Society. The PM had the transport van that day to make some transports that afternoon, and the little Hobo from Georgia was loaded into the van and they followed me home.

Hobo Skimbleshanks was only confined to a room for about a week, then he was out hanging with the other Jellicles as though he'd been there forever. He especially loved Mischief, who became like a favorite uncle to him.

A love that is just as strong today as it was then

Hobo Skimbleshanks is the tribe clown, the jester. He is constantly doing those naughty things that he shouldn't, but it's just so hard to get mad at him because he looks so cute and almost innocent doing it

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Such a handsome guy!
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And such a handsome little man he is!
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OK, this one brought first a tear to my eye - the love between those two!

Then it made me :

What a character! I love the look on his face as he hangs from the drapes!
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WHAT a character! And caught so well! That pic of him on the curtain is PRICELESS!

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I've read your threads and I'm glad to know your cats' personality! I'm starting to recognize cats from many people here by the pictures, but getting to know a bit of them is so much appreciated too! And it makes me want to adopt more cats...

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so cute hehe
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I love the picture of him on the drapes! Who could get mad at that innocent little face!
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That pic of him on the curtains is one of my favorite on this site. It just has BUSTED!!! all over it. The look says it all. He knew he wasn't supposed to be there, you know he knew.
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The curtains!!!

What a personality! And those cuddle picts with Mishchief are just touching...
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Whata great story! I guess little (or not to little)Hobo just has that sense of adventure - to go for it! Actually, I love the pic of him stealing a Pringles chip!!
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