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Cindy has a bad weepy eye

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When I left work this morning, Cindy looked and sounded perfectly healthy. When I got home tonight, I found that Cindy's left eye had weeped so badly that it was actually gummed shut. I tried cleaning it as best I could with a cotton ball and some warm water, and she was able to eventually open her eye a little bit, but then she had trouble rolling back her third eye

I have an emergency appointment at the vets tomorrow morning but I was wondering whether there was anything I could do to make Cindy more comfortable. She's not eaten much tonight but I was able to tempt her to eat a few cranberry treats.

At some point, her eye weeps so badly that it looks like she's crying. It's definitely liquid as whenever she shakes her head, the liquid goes flying everywhere. Also, she's trying to clean it herself but sometimes, she rubs her eye so hard, I can hear it and it worries me. The left eye doesn't look swollen but she can barely open it

Oh, and she also has a cold. She did a really big sneeze a couple of hours ago...
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That sounds like she may have injured it! Could she have been wrestling with your other cats and accidently got scratched? If it's watering that bad, it would definitely make her nose stuffy and runny and make it 'seem' like she has a cold. The only thing I can think of is to make her a funnel collar to keep her from rubbing it until you get to the vet. Poor baby!
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It kind of sounds like what Crystal had the other week. She was diagnosed with a URI and her meds fixed her right up.
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I have to admit that I initially thought it might be conjunctivitis. The fact that it might be URI had never occurred to me

I've just checked her sister, Bella, and her left eye is slightly weepy too!

I'm not sure whether I should be taking Bella to the vets as well now...

Edit: I did wonder about whether it was caused by fighting but I don't think so. The girls do fight but they tend to go for each other's tummies
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Quick update...

Took Cindy to the vet and he confirmed that she had conjunctivitis. I've been given eye drops to give her twice a day to clear up the problem. She has a follow up appointment in 7 days to make sure that she's ok. Phew!

Her eye is looking a bit better today but it's still not as open as it should be and it's a different colour at the mo but hopefully, she'll recover soon
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