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Ahh!! Her first heat!!

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I am almost positive that my kitten Jassie just went into heat. I am a first time cat owner, but she has all the signs. She will be 6mos old on Jan 20th and is scheduled to be spayed on FRIDAY!!
Do I do anything for her?? What should I expect? How long does it last? Will it effect her sister(same age, but not showing any signs!!) Will this complicate things on Friday??? I am really clueless because I never did any research assuming she wouldn't make it to her first heat. Oops!! I'd love to hear your insight! Thanks.

**oh and sorry if this is in the wrong forum...I wasn't sure where to post!**
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It might be a little higher on the spaying if she's in heat cause its extra bleeding but it can be done. Is her sister spayed yet? You don't have to really do anything, but I'd call the vet and ask them if they still want to do it on Friday.
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I will call the vet - good idea! Her sister is scheduled to be spayed on Friday as well. I just wish there was something I could do to soothe her! Will her eating habits change? I noticed she hasn't eaten much of her dinner tonight.
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I know nothing about cats in heat - always had the good fortune to have them spayed before that happens (our vet recommends they be spayed as soon as the first tooth falls out. Other vets won't do it until they're six months old - why, though, I can't figure out because there seem to be so many stories of cats going into heat before then. )

I do know that cats in heat can be spayed - but only vets that are comfortable doing it - and it does cost more.

I'd go ahead and call the vet to see what they want to do. At least you can get her sister spayed.

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I had the same thing happen with two of mine. The first heat often only lasts two or three days, so it may be OK for Friday. But you and your vet may prefer to wait a week. Just make sure she doesn't get out! Though the first time I think they are often a bit confused as to what is happening to them, and try to just be ultra affectionate to all those in the house.
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Hey, be really careful--a cat in heat will want OUT, even if she never did before, especially if she smells tomcat. Watch your door, close your windows, and make sure she's not preparing to dart when you go.
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yeah, there's really nothing you can do to stop or ease her screaming and crying. you just have to shut your ears, bite your lip, and cry internally. i'd try keeping her quarantined in a favorite room with lots of things she knows and loves to comfort her- favorite bed, or maybe a blanket or towel she likes, as well as toys she particularly likes. giving her lots of petting and stroking and soothing is about the most you can do beyond that.

also, my zoe was fixed in the middle of her first heat- she'd been crying incessantly for three or four days by then, and there were no issues in the surgery. everything went just as normal and she came out of it very quickly. she was back to her normal self the very next day. being in heat when it was done didn't affect her in the least bit.
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We are going through the same thing right now. Argh!!!! I am going to lose it this weekend. We had to put her in the spare room aka the howling room. I did not think they went in to heat this young she is not quite 5 months.

I never thought my cat would flirt with my husband. It is so awful. When he scratches her back she backs up to him with her tail in the air to gross.

I might have to have a girls night out! Can't take the caterwauling.
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zoe was only three or four months old
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There is absolutely things you can do to help sooth them. This is a physical development and process they go through which triggers instinctive behaviors. Basically, when a female cat is in heat, their physical need is to crown. By taking a tissue and patting their back end, gently rubbing while holding the at the neck area as a male tom cat would, it relieves the built up physical frustration which causes these behaviors. This isn't gross, it is simply relieving them of their physical anxiety.
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Boy do you have my sympathy. When I got Sweetie she was about 1 yr. Before she was scheduled for spaying, she went into heat. All she did was cry.It lasted about 1 wk. Since she was an abandoned cat and the local shelter was sponsoring her and paying her medical bills, her appt. for spaying was about 6 wks away. Well before she finally was spayed she went into heat 3 times. One period just would end and another start. I felt so bad for my neighbors, It was early fall and the windows were open. To make matters worse I am not supposed to have animals where I live. This kitty had at least one kitten earlier who was also abandoned with her. After spaying she was so sick for a few days. She couldn't jump up or down from the couch. We made her a ladder out of throw pillows. My second cat was spayed at about 5 mo. but did not go into heat. She acted like nothing had happened to her. This is my feral baby. I also adopted her from the outdoors and the local shelter paid for the spaying. I hope your cat's spay goes well.
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Originally Posted by JandM View Post
Will this complicate things on Friday???
Most vets will charge more if they are in heat but it won't be that much more.
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mine didn't, so there's hope!
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