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feces sticking to cat's fur!

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Hello everyone. My 3 yr. old cat Romeo has little pieces of feces sticking to his fur and falling off on our bed, the floor, etc. It all started about a month ago. And tonight I noticed his anus was red like maybe the feces irritated it. I will probably bring him to the vet tomorrow. But has anyone experienced this with their cats and if so, why is this happening all of a sudden?
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If you cat is a long hair, clip the hairs around his butt to help him out. Also take some cornstarch and sprinkle it back there and gently comb his hair out without hurting him.
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If your cat is having loose stool it is more likely to catch in the fur then if the cats poop is nice and firm. Check the cats stool if it is loose you may need to take him to the vet.
Otherwise I agree with cutting the hair in that area.
Denise Russell
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If you have problems getting it out as well. I normally take a warm damp paper towel, and hold it on the fur/poo for a moment to soften it up again (if it's dry or something). And that normally helps to just slide it right off, and then whip the fur down.
I also agree, if it's a long haired cat, just trim it's butt area if you can.
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i use wipes. they sell them at petsmart.

just out of curiousity... are the sensitive skin baby wipes okay to use on cats? i used them in a pinch and they didn't seem to bother ed.
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