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post neuter issues!!

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So both of the boys were neutered today, together. When the tech brought them out in the same carrier, they were viciously hissing and growling at each other. I bought a separate carrier for the ride home.

Now Sammy has claimed the front room (where they both usually hang) and Pippen was growled into the kitchen. They both have a bed, litterbox, water. If Pippen comes anywhere in here, Sammy growls and hisses. Pippen hisses back but runs away.

My big question is this: should I try to switch them up roomwise? Or should I let them do it themselves? I feel bad for Pips, as the front room is where I hang out too. It's the more desirable room to be. Also the tech said this is common and will go away? I'd like a little reassurance on that if anybody has any!!

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I would keep them separated for another day or two. Then before you put them together, sprinkle both with cornstarch baby powder and rub in the coats or put a dab of vanilla extract on their noses/butts.

A few days they will be ok - its just smell of the vet's office that makes them "strange" to each other.
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Do you think I should let them work the room issue out themselves (i.e. let Sammy have the run of the front room since apparently he's the alpha)? Or should I intentionally change the room arrangement?
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Since its only another day or two it shouldn't matter. If it was confining for a week it would be different. Leave as is and just do the powder trick
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Ok thank you!
It is pretty disturbing seeing them so nasty with each other! I hope this ends soon.
At least they are both being loving with me now. We are making progress here.
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Just wanted to update the situation. Thanks for the tip to use powder and vanilla. I did that today, with cornstarch and vanilla. I had to reapply the vanilla a few times cause they kept licking it off!
Anyways, the situation has much improved! They are almost even getting along again and definitely tolerating each other. What a strange and unexpected experience.
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I'm glad they are doing better today. They were probably just grumpy from going through the surgery.
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Glad to see that things are working out
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