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Does anybody know...

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a good way to remove wall paper? I want to redo a room and I'm looking for the easiest was possible to get the wall paper off.
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there is some stuff its like gel and you spray the wall with it...It works wonderfully!!! I cant think of the name of it but lowes would know!
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Use a flamethrower...thats the easiest way

Seriously though, before you spray the wallpaper down with the stuff, use one of those prickly rollerballs (specifically made for wallpaper removal) to make it easier for the spray stuff to penetrate.
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We will be facing that problem in the future (redoing the library). But instead of trying to peal the wallpaper off, we will probably paint over it. Yes you can do it - I've found the instructions to do so on the web
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put some liquid fabric softner (like downy) in a spray bottle and spray it on the wall- it'll come right off
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This what I have done in the past......
Buy one of those thingy's that scores the wallpaper. You can use an exacto knife and do it yourself but don't cut to deep!!
Bring some water to a boil and carefully empty into a empty spray bottle.
Have LOTS of towels on hand and start spraying the walls. The temp of the water loosens the adhesive. Depending on the size of the room you might go through a bit of hot water!!
Was the wallprimer put on with a primer?? It should be easier to remove.
When the wall is dry run your hand over the wall to check for stickiness. If sticky clean the wall with a TSP product. If stickiness remains (it could) the wall will have to be reprimed before painting.
Make sure the actual drywall paper does get removed. If it does I have a fix for that too!!
One of my friends who used to do painting/wallpering etc gave me these instructions and they have worked well for me.
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you can rent a wallpaper steamer, it removes it quick and easy. just steam it for a minute the use a big scarper it just slides oof the wall
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Definitely invest in a wallpaper scoring tool (my mother called it a paper tiger, I don't think that's right, though. )... it helps.
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umm, invest in a couple bottles of wine and tell your significant other to stay clear because you WILL be throwing your scraper at least once
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I've steamed wallpaper off - you can usually buy or rent a steamer fairly cheap. It only uses a little water, the heat and the damp cause the adhesive to break down and the wallpaper slides right off It's kinda like running hot water on a glass jar to soak the labels off. No damage to the walls either (I've tried the old tried and tested "scrape it off" routine, and got huge lumps taken out of the pasterboard). LOVE the technique. It can be a little time consuming, but the result is more than worth it!
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hot water with some liquid fabric softener in it and a sponge.
Soak the area about 2 feet at a time and use a putty knife to peal it off
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Originally Posted by Forensic View Post
Definitely invest in a wallpaper scoring tool (my mother called it a paper tiger, I don't think that's right, though. )... it helps.
Yes it is called a paper tiger.

Getting wallpaper off can be a challenge unless it's fairly recent. Most of the wallpapers in the last 10-15 years are what they call dry-strippable. For those you basically just get a corner and pull. The whole top layer of the paper will strip off beautifully. Then simply wet down the paper left on the wall to get it really wet and it will strip off with an egg flipper (that's what I use) )

On the other hand, if the paper is very old and was put on with paste, it will take the steaming, paper tiger and anything else you want to try to get it off. When we moved to this house it took me 5 evenings and 1 weekend to get the paper off a small hallway. In the other room the paper came off in sheets (dry-strippable).
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I know the wall paper in our house is in the latter catagory - its OLD. And I really don't feel like dealing with 2 walls in the library. I'm gonna paint the library wallpaper.

In a entry way (which we don't use) the paper is pealing off cause of some water damage. DH will just pull that down and we plan on putting up a few new sheets of drywall and redoing the ceiling tiles - so it won't matter if we get it all off or not.
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
put some liquid fabric softner (like downy) in a spray bottle and spray it on the wall- it'll come right off
Really!? Wow-thats cool...I haven't ever heard of that!!
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Thank's for your advice. It looks like I have several options.
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