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nutered male cat climbing trees and fences

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my kitten was nutered about a week ago it was hell keeping him from going outside but now we let him out I saw him climbing trees and walking along the fence etc.. HE still acts the exact same is he safe right now from post surgery injury?

When will he lose interest in spraying and females?
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Males generally recover from their surgery within a day or two, but it can take several weeks before they stop spraying or "chasing" females. Some neutered males (and spayed females) don't stop spraying, as I discovered with Jamie, who was castrated at six months, but "discovered" regular, i.e., daily, spraying at 3 1/2 years of age, and has practiced his "hobby" for the past five years, though primarily outdoors.
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My neutered cat climbs trees and fences - sharpens his claws on trees and fences and will even defend his territory from certain cats (he leaves the feral kittens and the momma cat alone for whatever reason lol) ... in fact he's acted SO much like a regular tomcat that HASN'T been fixed, that I have had them check his penis for barbs to make sure that when he WAS neutered that they got both testicles or didn't miss perhaps an extra hidden testes in the abdominal cavity somewhere (such things are more common than you'd think) TWICE.

And yup both times he had a smooth wee wee. lol.

But it's the one way you can tell if they have testosterone present in their bodies is checking for barbs. So if you are REALLY wondering if they got it all or if your kitty might have extras that the vet might have missed, have them verify if the penis has barbs or not.

Could be that your fella is just an opinionated, active, adventure-seeking little man. Nuts or no nuts. LOL.
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My youngest is a little devil ! He was neutered 1.5 years ago (Age 6 months) and since day 2 he was back to normal... and when he goes to the garden he climbs every tree.. and chases other cats... he is territorial... You dont have to worry about his operation, they do recover very fast. I release stray females that are sterilized after 5 days and they are in perfect condition.
Let him have fun ! He will give you a better nigh sleep !
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It takes about a month to get all the hormones out of his system. You don't say how old he is, but he still can breed with a female and get her pregnant.

I strongly advise you to keep him inside for at least the next month or take him out on harness/leash - but don't let him have total freedom to be roaming around.
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