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Possible Pulmonary Problem?

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Hi, i took in one of my cats to the vet today; male, neutered, 3 years old, all shots are updated. He has been a lot less active recently and he was having some terrible breath. Well when the vet listened to his heart, it sounded good, but she heard some weird breathing. She thought he might just have a respiratory infection along with a gum infection, but she mentioned if that doesn't fix his breathing problem he could have a pulmonary problem. What could cause a pulmonary problem and what would happen to fix it or keep it under control?
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There are many,many things that can cause pulmonary problems. Usually a vet will give them a round of antibiotics to start with, just in case it's an infection of some sort. If that doesn't take care of it, the next step will usually be xrays. It's all a matter of deduction...or taking it one step at a time. You vet did give him antibiotics, I hope?
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Cats can get...
Upper respiratory infections
Feline heartworm disease

All other these can cause/are pulmonary problems. Antibiotics are a good place to start, but if that doesn't resolve the problem, your vet may want to do x rays and a heartworm test.
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My Cat has bad Asthma and they thought she had Bronchitis at first until they took a Xray. Do you here any Wheezing sounds? There are other things that can cause breathing problems too. Coco is almost 16 and has Asthma. She has for years. Did your Vet take a Xray to see his lungs? When she gets a Cold her Asthma gets real bad and she Coughs so much.
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He is on antibiotics atm, Clavamax 2 times a day for a week (1 ml). He has a slight gum infection so it is for that and to see if his lungs clear up.

For a long time (since I can remember) his breathing has always been a little weezie, like he is breathing in really deep at the end, but he has been to the vet for check ups and whatnot and they haven't said anything about it before. He is 15 lbs, so I thought maybe it was from his weight, he has been this big for almost the whole time I have had him (he is on a diet now).

The vet didn't do an x-ray yet, we were going to wait to see what the antibiotics do. I actually didn't know they would want to do an x-ray. She really didn't talk about the pulmonary stuff too much since it could just be an infection and we need to rule that out first.

Thank you for all the advice!
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He has always been a lazier cat, we thought it was just the way he was, maybe a little bit because of his weight.... if he has some problem with his breathing/health it explains so much now... wish i would have put the pieces together sooner... hindsite is 20/20.....
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That could be Asthma then. Coco has had it for years. We didnt know it was Asthma at first. They thought it was Bronchitis until they took a Xray. She gets a Pred shot when it gets real bad and Clavamox and it helps her fast. Her last Severe Attack was in Aug and she got the Pred shot and Clavamox. She had a infection with green and yellow coming out of her nose and was coughing and wheezing alot. How old is your Cat? The Meds worked great but now she has a bladder infection that wont go away. I hope the Meds help your Cat. Coco had to be taken off Clavamox because she kept throwing it up this time. She is on cephalexen now. Clavamox should help your Cat though it did help my Cat before.
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he is 3 years old. he doesnt caugh or have attacks or anything, doesn't act like he has asthma, i really hope whatever it is we can keep it under control or get it fixed! what are the "symptoms" of asthma? i am going to look it up online but i thought id ask anyways.
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Wheezing,Coughing when its bad,out of breathe. Let me know what your Cat has.
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I am suppose to be getting a call from the vet with the blood results. Hopefully all the levels are normal! He seems to be feeling better though, he has been playing more last nite and this morning. Hopefully it was just an infection. Please let it have been just an infection. Sorta worries me that he got one bc they are inside cats with the litter boxes cleaned out daily and new water daily... Of course he isn't totally back to his old self, but still more playful.
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Coco has had 2 Bad Colds since Dec 2005 and she has never been outside ever. All my Cats stay in but they still get sick. I am glad he is better. Let me know what the Vet says.
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I added a signature of all my kitties so i thought id leave another msg so you could see them!
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You have nice Cats. How do you post them here.
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I uploaded the picture on photobucket and it gives you the html so you can paste it in your signature. your signature is under User PC

Update on serj, blood came back within normal range but he was dehydrated a little, which is understandable bc he wasnt drinking/eating as much bc of his gums. His fat levels in his blood were high but he is a large cat and on a diet now and his protien was high but she said that was because of dehydration. he is getting his teeth cleaned tomorrow and they are going to do a cariograph i guess.
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I am gald he is better. I am trying to get the Pics on here.
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