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Baloo Escaped

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I'm sorry for not being around much lately, but Evy and I have been trying to get on a routine plus there have been two growth spurts that are really taking it out of me (breastfeeding).

Yesterday, Baloo got out. I wasn't paying enough attention apparently and he got out past me and out the door. He started to head back in when DH came out of the house, but something stopped him, he turned tail and RAN.

We tried to find him, but were unsuccessful. I'm fairly certain that he's alright or that he might be looking for a family that lost him (when we brought him in we looked for any ads about lost cats that fit his description, too, but nothing).

To make matters worse, three days ago we discovered that he's deaf. Not completely, as he can apparently hear certain pitches, but he doesn't hear well enough to have a strong chance of survival in the wild, especially in a dog-populated area.

Please send vibes to bring Baloo home. We aren't giving up on him, though I hope that if he doesn't come back he's found his previous family (as much because I'm pretty sure they'll let him out again and he'll come back to us -- they weren't particularly responsible with him!).
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Awww, lots of good thoughts coming to you and Baloo. I hope he finds his way home!
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Be safe and come home for Baloo.
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Sending {{{{come home safely prayers and vibes}}}} out to Baloo!! And calming vibes to you (ah, nursing...I remember the days well )
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Sending lots of "come home" vibes for Baloo!
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Sending lots of come home safe vibes to Baloo
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OH NO! Baloo, go home sweety!

I am sending many "find home" vibes for Baloo I would be terrified
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We seem to have a very "safe" neighborhood for cats. Most people around here love them and feed them, which presents part of our problem -- him having a food source won't drive him back to us as readily as if he didn't have another source of food.

I keep thinking that I can hear him calling (he has a strange meow, kind of like a dog's squeaky-toy) but I can't locate him. If we have to I think we might try a dog whistle since he can hear high-pitched sounds, though I'm not sure that he doesn't have to be fairly close to the source of the sound in order to hear it.

So far, no sign of him, but we're still hoping. Thanks for the vibes!
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Those TCS vibes did the trick! I haven't told DH yet because I want him to be surprised
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Originally Posted by ghosthunterbeck View Post
Those TCS vibes did the trick! I haven't told DH yet because I want him to be surprised

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That's wonderful news!!
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He's eager to get back outside But he was definitely happy to see DH... He's been very loving since he's been back and seems happy to have a food source LOL
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Yayyyy! Welcome home Baloo!
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