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I'm Reporting my Doctor the the Physician's Collage!

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I hate my family doctor!! He is so darn lazy when it comes to filling out medical forms.

I had to report him in September, 2006 because he hadn't filled out a form that I had given him more than a year previously in August 2005! By the time the Collage got finished with all of their stupid reminders and finally played the "get it filled out by X Date or you are going before the board!", it was 17 months from the time he received that form to the time he filled it out and submitted it!

I gave him 3 forms last year. One in April 2007. And 2 in June 2007. As of today they still are not filled out! I have contacted his office 8 times about these forms!

One form I no longer need because of my bankruptcy. It was a credit card insurance form where the insurance company picked up the payment. The other 2 are Canada Pension Benefits, and Revenue Canada Disability.

Unfortunately because of his delay in filling out the reports I no longer qualify for a reassessment of my 2004 income tax, which is really neither here nor there anymore since I declared bankruptcy and that debt is going to be written off anyway. However, the form will entitle me to pay about $1,200.00 less per year in taxes and will lower the amount of debt that I need to write off with the bankruptcy, and save me some taxes this year.

Since I can't get anywhere with him on my own, I had to write another letter to the College of Physician's and Surgeons.

There is no excuse for the months that it takes him to fill out medical forms. None at all and I've been way too lenient and tolerant of his ignorant behaviour.

He has a steady income so he doesn't care. But when your livelihood depends on these medical forms his delays are intolerable!
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I hear ya, Natalie! I'm about ready to report my new doc to the AMA (she took over my case, when my old doc - whom I really liked - sold her practice to her). I have had NOTHING but problems w/ her since she took over: I'm having problems getting prescriptions refilled, paperwork done, and they never return your phone calls - and most of the time you don't even get a "real" person when you call there for anything, and you have to leave a message. I'm afraid my disability case will get screwed up b/c of her incompetance..

Sometimes you have to "play dirty" in order to get anything accomplished w/ some of these docs..

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