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Does your cat coo?

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My little feral Gus, is getting to be a real snuggle bug, he likes to snuggle right into my neck, he does these quiet little mews and cooing sounds, he nuzzles and licks my neck and face. I have had snuggly kitties before but I have never had one do this.
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Butzie meows, purrs, and says "Eek!" The "eek" is really funny to hear.
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Nope, they're usually too busy purring! But oh, it sounds so cute!!
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It makes your heart melt doesn't it?

Jack makes many sounds, I think he just likes hearing himself sometimes!

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Oh yeah! Abby sure does.

She purrs, snorts and coos like a pigeon. It's so cute when she gets into a snuggle session
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How sweet. Bella does a really sweet chirp only when she's really happy and snuggly on your lap. I love it.
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Flowerbelle coos too! She makes the SWEETEST sounds and is almost constantly purring! However, don't be late with dinner - her deaf kitty lungs can really belt it out as well!

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Molly and her son Spunky "coo". I just think it's the cutest thing!
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squishy makes different little noises too, the most sweetest little voice she has is when she wants a snackie!!!!!
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Yes, and I just love it!!
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Originally Posted by mbjerkness View Post
My little feral Gus, is getting to be a real snuggle bug, he likes to snuggle right into my neck, he does these quiet little mews and cooing sounds, he nuzzles and licks my neck and face. I have had snuggly kitties before but I have never had one do this.
hehe, my kitty does this aswel. it's sooo sweet LOL
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LOL ive never heard that cats can coo please please pleeeeeeease record it! i wanna hear that! Givi snores while sleeping and makes that "eeeek" sound purrs too loud but doesnt coo OMG please i wanna hear it!
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Bentley does that when he is getting attention from me. He is so cute! Whenever he sees me, he makes a little "peep" sound and runs over for some petting. Then whenever I sit down to pet him, he starts cooing and purring REALLY loud. For the longest time I didn't even think he could actually meow, just make the cooing and peeping sounds! He can meow I've found out, but he only actually meows if he is pretty upset.
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I always wondered what you would call that specific sound - cooing is an accurate description!

Maverick coos all the time - amongst other things! I love it when he does that!

Spencer goes around "chirping" all the time: it's so cute!

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Pepper makes these high pitch grunting noises ALL the time. Sometimes when you're holding her and she wants down she makes a noise that sounds like "nuh huh!" - like she's telling me no! lol...
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Carter chirps constantly, hence his nickname of "Chirp". I usually hear him chirping his way into the room
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Skye does this sorta sigh noise when she is really content. But mostly she is a purrer. My SO says that in the mornings when I come home from my morning shift she knows it's me and will start purring before I can even get the front door open. She does the sigh real early in the morning when my first alarm goes off. She'll jump up from wherever she is in the room and stick her little wet nose in the crook of my neck and just rub and get as close to me as she can. She has even been known to use my SO as a brace to push against to get even closer to me. If I roll over away from her she will proceed to stand on the pillow and cry.
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Yup, my kitty makes a "cooing" sound like a pigeon every time I pet her. Also, if I call her name she makes the pigeon sound. It's so cute.
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Oh yes...
Our newest Cricket (and why his name is such) makes the coo'ing/chirping sounds them..Coconut does it on occassion but Cricket is our little love he does not run he
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not only does dynah coo, but she also sings
She has this strange habit of doing a soft constant coo/murr/mewing sound just as she's falling asleep...I call it singing herself to sleep. I thought it'd go away as she got older, but it's been a number of months now and it's sticking!
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All three of mine make this funny little chirping sound when they are looking for me or each other.
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Chloe has a coo that goes with a deep purr that she uses when she is 'nursing' on a blanket (she was bottle fed and likes to nurse on this blanket that we have. She doesn't quite realize that she isn't being fed).
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My Bernie does a really odd meow which honestly sounds like he's saying 'mama' - first thing in the morning, he will come in for food and it's 'mama! mama!' Aw!
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I just want to be sure I understand the coo sound...Is it like these adorable cats in this video when they communicate with close mouths?

If so, it's TOO CUTE . I wonder what the coo means...?
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No cooing here, chriping, like a half a meow, Monica is such a fun cat.
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Sox is really vocal, does a lot of the cooing thing, and some meowing. I try talking to him, but I really don't think I am understanding him very well.

Beacon isn't too vocal, but she will cry at times, not for very long though
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Audrey used to coo and trill all the time when we first adopted her. It ended up that she was unspayed, though, and since we solved that problem, her vocalizations have really toned down. That's the only part we miss about having an unspayed cat (the rest of it was horrible). Now the extra noises are a special treat.
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Teddy sounded like he was singing last nite it was so cute. he was doing his chirrup kitten noises, but in a tune lmao i was so funny to hear!
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we have a former semi feral cat who talks, meows and chirps, purrs and makes a squeak when he is happy to see you
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One of my male cats does this. He sounds just like a pigeon! I've been trying to figure out why he does it because even though it's funny I want to make sure he's not in pain. If you find any answers could u let me know plz?

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