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The Jellicles you barely know - Trace

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He who has no past! The Jellicle's Sensi; philosophical master of ways feline; well of sage advice and spiritual guidance to those Jellicles on a quest of self or in deep introspection. Solid as stone, strong as iron, yet gentle as a breeze with flashing eyes of spun gold.

Thus is Trace Tumblebrutus of Jellicle

Trace is truly a cat without a past. He is a huge white tom, and would easily be the heaviest of the tribe, if not for the fact that he is missing his entire right rear leg. The leg was removed surgically, and was, according to 2 vets, a truly excellent piece of medical work. Yet, when he was found on Cumberland Trace road as a stray, no one ever called or came looking for him. He was posted in the pet department at Target, Walmart, and Petsmart, and when he and I met, he was making his appearance on the annual Humane Society "Adoptathon".

A procession of children was carrying the cats into the studio, and the little girl that was next up exclaimed that she "don't want that one he's icky". (She couldn't have been more than 5, so I couldn't blame her, but it still made me feel bad for the little fellow). She just couldn't understand a 3 legged cat.

Trace made his TV appearance proudly, showing himself off even though he was surrounded by dogs, other cats, blinding lights, cameras, and lots of noisy people. No calls, no inquiries.

Somehow, I ended up driving right by the shelter the following day; Trace came home that night.

Trace has an assortment of bristle brushes and scratching arches around the house. He would much rather have me scratch what he can't reach, but if I'm busy or not around, he is very adept at doing it himself using his brushes.

And, Trace is the cat that was behind he building of the "Tupper Lair". Being short a leg made it rather difficult for Trace to jump and climb, so, assembling some plastic totes and shelves into "stair-step" creations allowed him to relax high above the floor, while still being able to get up and down with ease. But, the Lair was such a big hit with all the Jellicles that there are now pieces of it all over the house.
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Awww, Trace.

You know, Mike, your Tupper Lair is inspiring, and may very well be the reason I seem to have started placing cat condos and play gyms close enough to each other that my kitchen is now dominated by a sprawling Kitty Condo City development.
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Awww, Trace is so cute! Indeed it much be tricky to jump with only one back leg..way to go Trace!
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What a sweetie!!
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He is a very handsome boy!
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I think he is super handsome & missing a leg only makes him more special.
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His leg was amputated before you got him!?! I thought it was an injury he sustained so you had it amputated. Wow! How no one claimed him is beyond me.
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What a sweet boy!
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Awww he is a lucky boy!
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he is a great looking cat.
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Oh - I love the tupperware condo! We have "step ups" for our handicapped little one, Ming Loy - though she has all her legs.

What a beautiful - no - majestic - kitty!

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sooo cute hehe
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