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What is wrong with this picture?

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I left work early today because of fumes in the building that were making me and everyone else sick. Could someone tell me why they did this?

Ok, background. I work for a call center and the building that we work in was bought by our local health system. They are building a new hospital across the road and it has been in construction for the best part of a year (don't know WHY they have to spend money on a new hospital because we have 2 in town that are working just fine and just had new wings put on 4 years ago, but that is besides the point). Anyway, today they decided to bleed the gas lines. There was a notice put out to all employees to not smoke outside the building because of the fumes. That's fine...I'm a smoker, but I would rather not smoke than blow up myself and everyone else.

But, the fumes were inside the building itself. Everyone was getting headaches and some people were getting disoriented. I started having trouble typing shortly before I left and started losing my train of thought while I was on the phone with customers.

Our company has a very strict attendence policy so most people will try to stick it out, but luckily I time I could take off. I call my husband on my break and told him and he told me just to get out.

I can understand they have to bleed the lines, but why do it during work hours? The worst thing is the health department is now located on the first floor (I work on the second floor) and people are bringing their babies in and they are breathing the same fumes. Although, I did realize when I left that the fumes weren't near as bad on that floor. Maybe they are just trying to kill our company to get us out of the building. We are builing a new facility but it is behind scedule right now.

So, what do you think? Should they have done this during working hours?
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How about calling OSHA or a local HazMat unit? Kids should not be there and neither should you.
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I don't think so, if it is a health hazard. they should do it when there is nobody in the building.
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That is...just not right. Period. Seems illegal actually.
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I would contact somebody ASAP! That just doesnt seem right/legal. And to put everyone at risk!

Hope you feel better soon!
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Oh my gosh..... I CAN NOT believe they did that!!!! How incredibly dangerous!!!!
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you might want to look at the information on this website
your company by forceing you to stay may have indangered your health
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I would also contact the authorities or OSHA. That just isn't right..

I also don't think your workplace can make employees stay at work in a situation like that - especially if they're getting sick from it. That seems illegal to me..

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they do dumb stuff like that at my job.
they will tell you that ppm are with in safe limits,
then why the heck am i finding my chest hurting.
why am i getting a headache if its still in the safe limits?

i have walked out of the office and went home more then once, for this stuff.
for those that dont know, I work at a chemmical plant.
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that's just ridiculous - I agree with everyone else here; that can't possibly be legal.
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