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Oldie Golden

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Dumped...poor boy. Cancerous tumor on his jaw....arthritis so bad he refused to move.

Mr. Oldie Goldie Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge ? - 1/7/08

Many tears were shed for you my boy, you passing did not go un-noticed.
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Oh Nat, I'm so sorry
RIP sweet angel
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May you rest in peace little kitty You will always be remembered
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Awwww Rest in Peace sweet one
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RIP Oldie Goldie.
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I'm so sorry. Rest in Peace Oldie Goldie.
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Godspeed over RB, dear kitty!! Play happily among our other RB TCS kitties - and know that you are remembered and loved! May the angels cherish you always
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I am truly sorry! RIP baby boy!!!
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I'm sorry for your lost of Oldie Goldie. My prayers to you and your family.
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Awww Nat, the poor boy

Your were loved sweetpea

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Awww, Oldie Golden-go play at the Bridge!
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I am sorry for your lost. May Oldie Goldie rest in peace.
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Rest In Peace little guy.
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I´m so sorry for Oldie Goldie...
RIP to him....
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Oh man! That so stinks! Whats even worse is to go through and realize you have at least 2 kitties up here right now! You're a trooper!!

Play & Run over the Rainbrow Bridge, Pain Free!

RIP Oldie Golden
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