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Was this necessary? Kind of long, sorry!

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Hello everyone! I have a question regarding my female Siamese that was spayed yesterday.

As stated above, she was spayed yesterday. She got to come home last night. Almost as soon as we got her home, she started making a "gurgling" sound. Concerned, I rang the vet. They told me that it probably was normal because she was intubated for the procedure. I was to watch her and call back the next day (today) if things hadn't cleared up. Well, she was a bit better this morning, but she refused breakfast, something she never does. Called them back and was told to bring her in.

They examined her and determined that she probably has an URI. She was perfectly healthy before the spay. Bloodwork was perfect, and I think they do test the white blood cell count to check for infections. He prescribed antibiotics (at the cost of $30) and said "we'll see if this works." Now I'm probably going to have to deal with diarrhea for the next month. She doesn't do well on antibiotics.

I'm not a vet, but was it really necessary to put a healthy cat on antibiotics she probably doesn't need? I'm going to follow the vet's orders obviously. It just seemed as though he wanted to charge me something (the office visit was free). Any advice? Thanks!
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Most cats that get a URI are prescribed antibiotics, it doesn't help them get over it as much as helps avoid the nasty infections that tend to come with URI.
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Yeah, they do that with humans too. It's helping contribute to the antibiotic-resistant bacteria problems.
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The 'gurgling' after intubation just doesn't sound right to me...nor good either. Sore throat,maybe a cough, no appetite, yes...but not gurgling. I'd keep a very close eye on her and if it continues, take her back for a chest xray. I hope she'll be ok.
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Gurgling is very common during the recovery period. If the cat was gurgling while it was still sleepy, then I would not worry.

A spay procedure is very stressful and will suppress the immune system. Its a good idea to have antibiotics on board when there is an infection, even a viral one, in an immunocompromised patient.
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Yay! Good news! She's eating! Jeff called an emergency vet to see if we needed to bring her in tonight and they said to try baby food. I picked some up on the way home from work, and she ate it all up. I got her the beef kind, and I made sure it didn't have garlic or onion. I'm so happy I'm crying at the moment.

The gurgling has improved as well. As I said before, I think the tube irritated her throat and it's now getting better. I will keep her on the antibiotics and will keep an eye on the "cold" and will go back if it doesn't get better.

Thanks to those who gave advice!
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