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I was SO proud of Ferris last night!

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Ginger had just woken up from a nap and was sleepily making her way into the living room.

Max and Ferris had been having a wild and crazy fun wrestling match for about 20 minutes prior, and Ferris had gone into the other room to get a drink from the fountain.

As Ginger padded quietly into the living room, still yawning, Max POUNCED on her and wrestled her to the floor the same way he plays with great big, 13 pound Ferris.

This did NOT go over well with poor Ginger, who was seriously started by the "attack." (She is a very gentle, sensitive-skinned girl, and when Ferris wrestles with her, he knows not to roughhouse.)

Ginger screamed bloody murder, totally unable to break herself free from the hold Max had on her.

That's when Ferris came FLYING in from the other room, I swear I heard him yell "Hi-YAAAAAAA" as he leapt through the air, landing directly on top of Max, biting hard as he landed, which caused Max to let go of Ginger. Ferris immediately popped straight back UP into the air by about three feet, bengal fur went flying, and all three cats scattered.

I immediately started telling Ferris what a good boy he was and went straight for the treat jar to back up my words, because what Ferris had just done had actually scared HIMSELF. My poor gentle blonde giant - he was all cowering and worried that my roomie and I would be mad at him for attacking Max like that (it really was an attack this time, not play. Ferris was SERIOUS about getting Max off of Ginger.)

I praised him and praised him and praised him for being SUCH a good boy in coming to the defense of his big sister. I was SO proud of my boy!

I did not discipline Max, because he had simply thought he was just playing. I gave some treats to the girls after Ferris got some, but Max got none. When he looked at me with the question "why not me?" in his eyes, I told him it was because he had badly scared Ginger and that wasn't a nice thing to do at all.

I later had a little chat with Max, just the two of us, and explained that Ginger just can't take that kind of playing, she's just too delicate, and I asked him to please refrain from jumping her so badly in the future, that I and Ginger would both very much appreciate it.

Hopefully, he heard and understood, and will be a little nicer to her. Ginger refused to "speak" to him the rest of the evening - she was glowering at him every time she had to look in his direction.

But again - I was just so proud of my sweet little Ferris - to see him rush to his queen's aid and to attack so gallantly. I love that boy to pieces!!!

Oh - by the way, everything was back to normal this morning. Hopefully Max realizes where he erred, and we won't have any such repeat episodes.
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Awwww Betsy that's so sweet...Ferris is Ginger's hero
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Awww that is so sweet...good job Ferris!
Now take it easy and be a good boy Max!
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Wow! That is such a cool story! Ferris must be a brave and intelligent, loving boy!!
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Aww that's sweet of him

Sonic sometimes 'rescues' my feet from Radar's attentions - I do know that he gets a perverse pleasure out of smacking the poor lad about the head until my feet are freed though
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Awww, what a brave boy Ferris is!
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that's really sweet
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