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Can I have vibes for my mom?

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I found out last night my mom is having emergency surgery Thursday morning. She has a torn retina.
She's had problems seeing out of her left eye for about a month now and finally went to the dr yesterday and they told her she has to have surgery.
But they also said the surgery was not a guaranty she would get her vision back.
She will be bed ridden for 4-8 weeks, only allowed to get up to take a shower, and use the restroom.

There is alot going on in my life right now and I could really use some vibes all around too.
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My mum also has also had that surgery done in her lifetime - she had a car accident at 17 and ripped the retina off the back of her eye. She has pretty good vision in that eye, although she does have to wear glasses for reading. She does complain of a slight blurr in the area of damage, but nothing else that it all goes well and your mum has a safe and quick recovery

just especially for you too
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here is i hope things get better soon
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Mega and prayers for your mom, and for you!
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Sending prayers and vibes for your mom's surgery.
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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
For your Meowmy!.....DonĀ“t give up!......
Please keep us update it about it!
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We hope everything goes well with your moms eye surgery
Heres tons of For you & your mom!!
Make sure to update us all on how your mom is doing...
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Many you and your Mom!
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Lots of good wishes for your mom, and hoping the surgery does make a difference.
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Gosh, I hope they're able to put things right again. I'll be thinking of her...
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Many vibes and prayers for mom that everything goes right and she recovers 100% of her vision.
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Lots of vibes and good luck wishes for you mom during her surgery and recovery
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Vibes for your mom - hoping for successful surgery and complete recovery!

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sending many for your mom and a quick recocery through surgery and sending many for you to get through everything!
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Hoping your mom's surgery goes well and her recovery goes well too.
Sending you and your family many vibes!!
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I am thinking of you and your family sweetie!!
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This is so weird, one of my clients just got the exact same news..torn retina and emergency surgery! Does your mom live here in london?

Anyway, sending many healing vibes for her Alycia
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for you and you Mom, I hope thing get better for you
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