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Daily Thread Tues Jan 8th!

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Good morning my lovelies!

I am eating some apple cinnamon cheerios..and they are hitting the spot..

Yesterday at the gym I ran again for 15 minutes I am so excited that I am actually accomplishing something..it is the best feeling

Tonight I think I am staying late at work to make some sales call..it should be alright because my two friends that I work with are staying too.

It is mild and rainy here again today, I just LOVE it! Goodbye snow!

Have a great day folks!
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Oooooh Nat your breakfast sounds lovely!.

I'm busy eating lunch which is a cheese and onion sandwich and my office reeks now

I'm popping into town on the way home tonight to buy a faux fur blanket for the bed. It's for the babies really as well as decorative purposes
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Yesterday it got up to 64F here! Today its suppose to do the same! The rest of the week is 40s/50s though, but its better than 20F!

I'm going to try for the gym again today. I haven't lost any lbs since Christmas (just maintaining) and I'm just pooped all the time. I wanted to go last night, but I just kept coughing too much throughout the day and by the end of it I was just exhausted from coughing.

Anyhoo not much else is going on here!
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Morning All!

Another very mild and foggy day here as well.

Heading off to work shortly, going to be up to my neck in paperwork for the next few days. It never fails I just think I am getting ahead of the game and the game changes

After work I am stopping in at the library, they are featuring a travelogue about Norway/Finland and Sweden that looks interesting.

Kitties are good, having some treats right now.

Everyone have a good day
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Good Morning my friends!
I could to see that yesterday was a great and magnificent days for all of you!!! very good!...
We have in my city a little break about the cold I mean this week seems that just sunny days around here for the moment!
About the work, well, the new year begins so fine, just only the tasks about the daily movement of the day at office!
Have a great one my friends!
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Hello There

Pretty busy at work today Will make the time go faster anyways...
Its been yucky rain here - would rather have lots of snow!

Hope you all have a nice day
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It will be in the 50's today which is normal. It will be raining here today and Thurs. I am looking forward to the weekend when we can go skiing in the Sierras because we haven't been able to drive there any other weekend.
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