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what kind of worm?

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I just got out new foster kitty, she's separated away from our other kitties in fear something like this would happen.

Well I was petting her and she went to clean "herself" and I noticed an inch or so long, bright white worm near her rear end. I got a napkin and wiped it off and it shrunk down to about a cm long. So I flushed it down the toilet. Anyone know what type of worm this was? Or how it should go about being treated? I gave her a dose of a roundworm dewormer that we've used with success ages ago just a few minutes, but I dont remember what roundworms look like so that might not even do any good
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Does it look like Rice? It might be Tapeworm. My Cats had that before and there is a Shot or Pill to get rid of them. Last time the Vet said get the Pill its cheaper then the Shot and it worked good.
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Ohh yuck!! Id ask a vet, normally with my vet I just go in there, tell them the weight of the kitty and they give me the meds!! I had one kitty (that didn't make it) have worms really bad!! Some of them were 6 inches long. I never found out what kind they were, the vet told me he had coccidia or something like that. Which I had never heard of at the time!! But worms are scary looking and I really hope you figure out what kind it is so you can get her the right meds!! Good luck to ya!!
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Well its alot larger then rice, kind of flat. It was an inch or so long when it stretched (it was moving) and then it shrunk up right before I flushed it.

If all else fails I might just have to do a vet visit.
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Take a stool sample to your vet. IMO, sounds like tapeworms. Which will require a different dewormer than the 'general' one. Make sure you are getting de-wormer from your vet, not OTC.
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Okay I will, the dewormer I had was from the vet for a foster kitten we had a month or so ago. It's mainly for roundworms though. She will be taken tomorrow due to a huge storm coming through right now
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Sounds like Tapeworms. My Cat had them and the Meds from the vet worked Great.
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FYI, the dewormer will need to be given to kitty again in another three weeks. The meds that kill worms only kill adult worms, so you have to give the eggs time to gestate, then kill the adults again.

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Okay thanks :]
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Probably roundworm, but please do not self-medicate a cat unless you've taken them to the vet for proper diagnosis. The vet will weigh the kitten and give him/her the proper dosage for the size. And also check out the type of worm.
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Well its not a kitten, it's a 1 yr old foster pregnant cat. I called and asked him if I could give her the roundworm medicine since shes only 3-4 weeks along and he said it would be okay since she probably has more than one type of worm.
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If the cat is pregnant, you shouldn't be giving them anything - I'm very surprised your vet says its ok without even looking at the cat and checking on what she may have!
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He's looked at her already, he just didn't check her for worms.
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A worm that is an inch long, seen around the behind area, bright white and moves by stretching and then shrinking back up is a tapeworm. Roundworm meds won't do anything for Tapes but if she was recently found and hasn't been wormed yet, I would just as a routine give her dewormer for all of them. But there is a pill the vet can give you that will do all three, rather then give one pill for round/hook worms and one for tapeworms... Also things may be different on pregnant cats so your vets should have been a little more cautious. Tapeworm can be a pain though, I just had to treat a whole pile of cats and kittens for it today. Just hope it stays away. What brand of dewormer do you have and what is the active ingredient?

BTW, tapeworms come from fleas so make sure she is flea free and ask your vet about medicating her, I don't know what you can give to a pregnant cat.
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She is def flea free, she didnt have any noticeable ones to begin with, then they gave her a gentle bath with a cat flea medicine in it and she's got frontline on that I put on yesterday.

I dont have the brand handy but the vet said it was okay when I told him.
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