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obsessed with gravity

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my friend has a kitten named Xena (Zena) the warrior princess.

She is obsessed with gravity, she lays on the counter and opens the dog treats and pushes them off one by one to the puppy.

She also nips (with her teeth) the buds off the silk berry arrangements. One at a time, she nips it, watches it fall to the floor, then nips another one. It's hilarious to watch, but drives my friend nuts!

She always sleeps on top of the tallest piece of furniture in the room. So I guess she loves heights too.
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aww hehe, that's well cute
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my kitten frequently feels it is her duty to knock certain things off whatever surface they are on. she'll stare right at me, and then bat something small, like chapstick etc, off of my desk. then just turn around and walk away, as if saying "yeah, I just did that. whatcha gonna do 'bout it?"

Her largest prize so far was to somehow knock an xbox 360 controller off of my coffee table (those controllers are fairy heavy, and my kitten is fairly not.

So, mayhap certain cats just enjoy knocking objects to the ground. She generally doesn't play with them once she's done, she just likes them better on the ground I guess?
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Could it be attention getting? My Jordan used to knock things over (still does sometimes) to get my attention. His favorite used to be the medicine cabinet when I was in the tub. He would open it up & knock something out then look at me. He would just keep knocking things out until I got up to stop him then he would run away. When I got back in the tub he would start knocking things out again.
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Jack definitely pushes things off as if to say what ya gonna do about it. He stood next to my cell phone on the coffee table and while looking at me took his paw and pushed it off, then walked away. He also is fond of knocking my keys off the end table, they are on a lanyard so be proceeds to pull them to wherever he decides. I'm just waiting for the day I'm late for work because he hid my keys somewhere.

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Flowerbelle TOTALLY does it for attention. The problem is - I think it is too funny! She'll just sit there and slowly push whatever's on the table or coffe table over to the edge - glancing up at us as she does it. Then - poof! on the floor. I don't think she wants us to sit there and laugh. Poor kitty!

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Lucy's favorite game is to find small objects on my desk and push them off. She is so cute as she watches them fall then turns immediately back to the desk to find something else to push off.
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