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Kitty-Proofing Cabinets

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Anyone know of any good options to try to kitty-proof kitchen cabinets that do not have handles on them? The cats now think it's fun to open and go into the cupboard that holds the garbage can and kitchen cleaning supplies...and I want them away from that stuff. I wish they had handles..seems like there would be more options to keep the cats out that way..
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Child safety locks that go on the inside of the doors. They have many different kinds these days--Lowe's always has a big selection and good prices

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Thank you....I just dreaded the thought of going to Walmart and aimlessly looking at all the home and tools aisles, trying to find something that would hold the cabinet doors shut....good to know that there's childproofing items for this, and there's a Lowes nearby so I will look there.
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Good luck with that! A few years ago I had a cat who thought it was a good idea to open the cabinets above the counter and sleep on my plates... I ended up having to tie the handles shut with strings.
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I have Abys (the Einsteins of catdom) and child proofing always works for me
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We use child safety locks. We have these 2 kinds. Nabu figured out the ones that mount on the inside, and would lock himself inside of cabinets.
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I put things in front of my cabinets to block them from opening it
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I put things in front of my cabinets to block them from opening it
We tried that. He just banged the door 24/7.
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I put things in front of my cabinets to block them from opening it
I tried that and they thought it was in invitation to climb on it and then jump up on the counter and climb into the sink of dirty dishes! now that they discovered that there are dishes with food residue up there, the pressure is on for me to keep the counter and sink clean at all times!

Thanks for the suggestions. That's scary about the cats figuring out the locks that lock on the inside and then locking them selves in the cabinet....hopefully these two won't do that!
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ha ha.


Stoli would find anyway possible to get into the cabinets - electrical tape, child hooks, CHAIRS. He found a way.

SOOOOO We use tot locks and they are DA BEST!
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Tot locks were what I was going to suggest too. My cousin had these for his kids, and you have to have the magnetic "key" to get them open- no banging the cabinet doors trying to get in, or squeezing through the small opening, since it keeps them locked flush to the cabinets .
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