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Baby pics

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No, not mine but I bet I scared you!

My cousin and his wife FINALLY had their baby!!! After 13 years of trying to get pregnant, they found out that they were expecting-through fertility treatments. Hoping that it was more than one, they found that it was just one, but they couldn't be happier! They also didn't want to find out the sex, so we were so anxious!

Finally after soooo long, yesterday on January 6, 2008(January 6th is popular in my family-Jeff-the baby's dad and his brother's daughter's birthday were that day as well)-little Landis Michael was brought into the world by emergency C-section weighing in at 7 lbs 14oz and 21" long. Mom and baby are doing great and dad cannot stop smiling!

Landis Michael-look at those long legs! Dad is 6'6 so he's apparently inheriting dad's height!

Dad and Landis

Mom and Landis
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Awww!! A big congrats to them!!
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Awww, what a great story. They must be on after all that time! He is precious
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Thats so wonderful & he is SO handsome!
Congratulations to your family!
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aww sweet!

congrats to them
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Oh what a beautiful baby...Congrats to your family
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Aww! What a sweetie!!!!
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Ohhh I just want to keep him!! LOL

He is the cutest lil guy!!! He has the sweetest little face, just makes you wanna take them home with you!!!
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He's adorably tiny! It's amazing how someone so small can grow up to our size! Enjoy them while they're little!
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Aaaaaaaaaaw what a fantastic story!! Way to go! Congrats to them and welcome to the world, little Landis!
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What a handsome baby! Those legs! Wow!!

Congrats to your cousin!
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Lovely picĀ“s!!.....what a sweetie pie!
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He is adorable!
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Congratulations on your cousins new baby Thats exciting! Landis sure is a cutie!
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