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Little problem with Joe...

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I've been watching Joe for about two weeks, really close, and here's what I've noticed. At first it started out with a little blood on his anus. But that also coincided with the day he ate the onions that were dropped on the floor so I chalked it up to a bad bowel movement. I tried to catch him in the litter box, but never was able too! I even went so far as to look at the poo in there to see if there was any blood, but there wasn't.

Well, finally tonight, I caught him in the box pooing! He seemed to strain a bit, but the poo didn't look too hard or soft, very normal...then he strained out a few drops of blood He has no other symptoms. We haven't fed him anything consistently, as we're trying different food that has been recommended to us. Right now we're feeding him 9 Lives kitten food. He's drinking, playing, biting, luving...but this worries me. He goes in for his neuter this week, then he'll get his second round of shots. Any ideas?

I've read a couple of threads and didn't seem to see anything as specific. Thanks for any input you can give!

Lanners & Joe
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Has he ever been wormed? Parasites can do that sometimes, but then again it could be just about anything! You might want to call the vet and discuss it with him before his neuturing apppointment, just to be on the safe side.
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Talk to the vet ... IMHO a diet change to a higher grade of food would be good
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I would probably try talking to the vet. If its coming out red then its probably coming from his anus but you might want to try to figure out whats causing it before his neuter! If he's constipated or something and they neuter him I think the straining could be painful!! Good luck with this... Please keep us posted!!
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Thanks for the input He has not been wormed yet because the vet said there's no signs or symptoms, but this is definitely something so I'll need to bring it up before the neuter.

As far as higher grade food, what are some suggestions? After the holidays are pretty tough for us money wise, so we tried to buy the best alternative for our budget.

Thanks again!
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