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That was scary!!

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Wow!! I just learned a few important life lessons tonight.

Lesson #1: when they say to not leave candles unattended, they're not kidding!!! I just left long enough to go clean the litter boxes and narrowly avoided disaster.

Lesson #2: leaving the match in the candle (after you drop it from nearly burning your fingers) might be relatively safe for large candles, but it's not a good idea for little ones.

Lesson #3: thank god for smoke detectors!! (please check that yours are working)

Lesson #4: did you know that when you turn off a little candle that's burning like crazy by pouring water on it, it will initially give out a really big flame before dying? It would have been kind of cool if I wasn't so worried about burning the whole place down.

I'm still a little shaky from the experience. And right after I spent about 20 minutes mediating to calm myself down from a long day

Lesson #5: maybe I should go buy myself a fire extinguisher, just to be safe.

But enough learning for today. I'm just about ready to go to bed.
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Wow. Very glad you caught it in time!

I'm terrified of fire, and don't use candles much because of it. Y'know those little battery-operated tealight "candles" they have now, that sit down in votive holders and look just lovely? I think those are the greatest thing since hot rollers! They're going to save a lot of lives, I imagine...
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Oh my goodness!! Thank goodness you are okay
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Holy smokes!! Thank god you caught it in time!
Once I came home from work and realized the stove eye was on--had been all day. That gave me a sick feeling, so I can only imagine how you feel.
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Wow what a close call. Thankfully I have never had a large fire (at least not inside). Good thing you got it out in time.

Didn't your mother ever teach you not to play with fire?
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Baking soda is actually better for putting out some fires than water is - water causes splatter, whereas baking soda smothers it.

Another good reason to keep a few extra boxes handy.

I'm glad that you're all ok despite the scare!
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Wow, glad to hear you're all okay!
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Close call sweetie - glad you caught it!
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Oh my, thank goodness everything was okay!

And thanks for reminding me to buy a fire extinguisher!
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Glad you're ok, and you caught it in time. I'm always nervous when burning candles (but I LOVE them) and matches scare the crap out of me! That's why I use a lighter to light my candles. Also, FYI if you use candles that come with lids, put the lid back on after blowing them out. I didn't think about it until DH told me to do it, but if the wick didn't go out completely, the lid will smother a potential flame.

And, I do know my fire alarms work...I set mine of a few nights ago making dinner in the oven.
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Sounds scary. I don't walk away from candles while they are burning because I am too afraid of what will happen. We have a fire extinguisher here incase anything happens. Its in a hole in the wall like you see in schools because this house used to be a school.
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
Baking soda is actually better for putting out some fires than water is - water causes splatter, whereas baking soda smothers it.

Another good reason to keep a few extra boxes handy.

I'm glad that you're all ok despite the scare!
Baking soda is the ONLY thing to use on grease/oil fires. Water will make the fire worse.

I was deep-frying chicken once and the pan caught on fire. I reached into the cupboard, grabbed the soda, sprinkled the fire and put a lid on the pan without batting an eyelash. Then I started shaking like a leaf. At least I knew I could keep my head in case of an emergency.

Honestly, every kitchen should have a proper fire extinguisher and it should be checked monthly to ensure it still has a charge.
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Everybody should have a fire extinguisher in working order. Our tenants once managed to set our house on fire by leaving a bathroom towel too close to a space heater they weren't supposed to have. It's a very sick feeling to watch your upper storey and roof burn while waiting for the fire company to get there in a snowstorm.

I don't light candles, because cats and candles just don't mix.
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That sounds scary. I'm gald everthing's OK.
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Glad you are okay!
Not lighting candles would not be an option here because we celebrate Shabbat every week. I learned from Martha Stewart that the best way to blow out a candle (not the votive kind) is to put your finger in front of the flame and blow. No wax drips that way.
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