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My knee (little long)

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Hi guys
I was in a very minor car accident at the end of October. Without explaining the entire situation, my car went towards a stopped car (who was horizontal in my lane), I hit the breaks and our cars touched. It was so minor that I lost the plastic on my turn signal, but it didn't break and the bulb was still intact. The guy in the other car drove over said plastic on his way into the parking lot to talk to me (dummy).
Because I hit the breaks so hard, my knee has experienced some pain. The knee itself didn't hit anything in the car. Immediately we thought it was just a muscle thing, and I took a bunch of ibuprofen (anti inflammatory) and iced it as soon as I got home, and often for a couple days afterwards. As soon as I noticed that it wasn't going away immediately I went to see a massage therapist. She took a look and told me to go and see my chiropractor.
My chiropractor took a look and said that he thought it was a stretched/torn tendon and to stay off of it and ice it/take anti inflammatory. The next time I saw him I told him that it still hurt, and he said that he was worried about "tissue degeneration" and to get a doctor to get an x-ray done next time I was in. He didn't explain what that was, and I can't find anything on it online.
I saw another massage therapist when I went home, and she said that things felt normal, and that if it is the tendon it could take 6 months to heal right. She suggested icing and ibuprofen regularly as well as an elastic knee brace, which I've been trying to do, but am not so good with the brace.

I plan on making a doctors appointment tomorrow, even though it's slowly been getting better. I'm so scared of this "tissue degeneration" thing. I was wondering if anyone had any information to share with me, or suggestions on knee care....even if it's just a pat on the head.
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go to www.webmd.com and use the search engine type in tissue degeneration it will give you an explanation of it. Usually if the doctor says they arent worried about it..then it means that there isnt a likely chance of it happening. I would say you bruised/tore a legiment or two and just need to ice every two hours possibly wear a brace and stay off of it as much as possible!
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Since you never hit your knee at all and everything you've done so far to treat the knee itself hasn't helped, ask your doctor about the possiblity of referred pain from your back. It wouldn't hurt to rule out that possiblity.

The chiropractor's vague reference probably meant arthritis or tendinitis.
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just wanted to add some
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I am a massage therapist, and if you are still having pain after all this time, I would try to get a referral to a sports medicine clinic. They specialize in what seem to be "minor injuries" that can become degenerative if left untreated properly for too long. Many of the type of injury you describe cannot be detected with an x-ray. Strange wings is correct in that it could be referred pain from somewhere else, possibly the back, or even the glutes (group of 4 lg muscles in the butt) or the quads (the long muscles on the front on the thigh.) Many athletes are injured there, as well as car crashes. Bio-Freeze is helpful in relieving pain along with anti inflammatories. I hope you feel better. Please keep us posted.
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Just wanted to say that we hope your knee is feeling better
Heres lots of in case you may need them!
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Sending lots of vibes your way!
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So I went ahead, bypassed the stupid doctors at the clinic and made a physiotherapist appointment. Today was the first appointment.
She was nice, and didn't want to hear a long story, but she knew what she was doing.
Krazy Kat: she fully agrees with you, she said she's pretty sure it's a lower back issue that's being transfered to my knee.
I have special exercises and an appointment to go to "gym" on Friday.
She seems really positive that it will all be ok.

Just thought I'd let you guys know that I did take what you said into consideration and am acting in my best interests
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