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My kitty has flea's .... HELP

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We adopted a 4 year old cat named Zeke about a week ago and just relized he has flea's .... and we have another cat who we had before hoping she don't get them . My mom got flea collars for them both , and some shampoo but are their any other things we can do to get rid of the lil buggers.
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Frontline plus or Advantage are great on flea removal and prevenitive also a Capstar tablet kills them in 30 minutes
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Please STOP using flea collars, or any over-the-counter products, for that matter!!!. They can actually be far more dangerous to your cats than the fleas themselves.

I cannot emphasize this enough.

The only suitable use for a flea collar is to cut it up and put the pieces in your vacuum bag. They will help kill the vacuumed-up fleas. To be safe and thorough, make sure that you remove the bag from the vacuum immediately, and throw in the outside garbage.

A simple search on this site or the internet will tell you all you need to know about the process of getting rid of the fleas on your cats (Frontline and Advantage are appropriate, as Jeep_Kitty already said) and throughout your house.
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As Robert said, remove the collars, cut them up, and put them in the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum every day for two weeks while the Advantage does its job. The collars will kill the fleas and the eggs that are now in your home.

Have your mom go to a Vet and purchase Advantage treatment for both cats. This will ensure the fleas on the cats are killed. It is safe for kitties.

The flea collars can kill your cats, so please remove them as soon as possible.

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Throw away the collars - they are more harmful then good. Only good thing to use them with is in the vacuum cleaner!

And you don't want to shampoo the cats if they are wearing collars - its too much poison in their system. I recommend you take off the collars, shampoo them in a good quality shampoo (not flea shampoo) and flea comb them first.

Then get some Frontline or Advantage for the cats. You will also probably need to treat the house/carpet too.
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