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I have to make a hard Choice about Yoshi

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I got him to eat a little but he has lost more weight and just Sleeps. I even called other vets that were sugested and they can not help him. I was hopeing he would last longer. I ahve to decide what to do now.
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I am sorry to hear about your kitty
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Yes its a tough thing. My first cat Mitten - I had to make that choice - he was a healthy 14 lb cat most of his life. When he got cancer, he went down to a walking skeleton of 6-7 lbs. I knew it would be the last time I took him to the vet but I didn't think it was fair to let him suffer any more.

With Spooky (my 15 1/2 yr old) - I didn't have to make that decision - he died of a heart attack one morning.
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OMG I am so sorry!!!

There is no vet that can help him at all?? Oh this has to be just heart wrenching for you!!! I hope he can fight it!! Good to you and Yoshi!
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Thanks All,
I got him to eat some Can Food tonight but not much. He has lost more Weight. The other Vets said teh problem is they are coming outof the Kidneys too.
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So the stones are starting to come out of his kidneys?!?! I just wanted to check to make sure thats what you meant!!!

Im so sorry you're going through this with Yoshi right now... It just doesn't seem fair that there isn't an easy fix for you right now!! You're in my and my prayers! Im sending you some good that maybe things will get better or there will be a sign of some kind to tell you what to do!!!
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The Kidney Stones are in the Tubes to his Kidneys too. We knew that in May.
I dont want to have him Pts to early. Its so hard to decide what to do.
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Is he in any serious pain right now? Is he still playing and dinking around?? I know you said you got him to eat a little bit but did it seem to help? Did it perk him up??

With Glitch I was always afrraid that I was going to do it too soon, or too late!!! When It was time, he let me know. He kinda of told me. He have me that look in his eyes that said, let me rest. Im tired now. When I took him in there they were amaised he was still allive and if they were to give him sub fluids he may last for a few more days, I knew right then what I had to do. My kitten was asking me to be pts. If there is no quality of life, like there was with Glitch, who couldn't sit propperly hhis head would shake, he wouldn't eat,I think he was just holding on for me!!

Your kitty will tell you when its time.
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I think it will be this week. I do have to take Coco Thursday or Friday for her Urine Test to see if she still has the Bladder Infectio which i think she does. I am not sure if Yoshi can even make it to then. He looks older then Coco and she is almost 16. He dosent want to play and is starting to Purr less. He Drinks alot of Water but still is Dehydrated. Im not even sure he will even last this week. If he is worse before Coco goes to the Vet we will have to take him to be Pts before Thurs or Fri.
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I am so so sorry

My heart goes out to you and your moggies. As glitch says, Yoshi will let you know when it's time. Sending you lots of good luck vibes in the hope that a small miracle will happen
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I know it will be soon.
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I am so sorry about Yoshi It is not an easy decision, I know. Sending lots of strength vibes your way and health vibes to Yoshi.
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Ohh Im sorry he's not feeling better today!! I was really hoping for that miracle.... good luck to you on your very difficult decision.
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