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im so embarased

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Today i finally got brave enough to take Dixie to petco with me. I am so embarassed. SHe pooped in the floor! I have seen hundreds of dogs in petco and never seen one poop in the floor. The lady that saw it showed me to the sanitation station and was all like "oh hun dont worry, they all do it the first time in the store, its the excitement and new smells makes them nervous". I know my face was red as a beet. Not to mention she looked like bambi on ice on that tile floor. Its gonna be a long time before i do that again. However she did get a toy, i finaly broke down and got her a kong. Has this ever happened to anyone but me or was the lady trying to be nice???
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Sorry, but that sounds like something that would happen to me!! Just like children of all kinds....they will do their best to embarass us!!!
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Oh that's exactly what would happen if we brought Tasha! She pees every time she goes to the vet! Abby would steal toys if we brought her. So those 2 don't get to go out to the pet stores!
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i feel my face get red everytime i think about it. i even took her potty before we went into the store.
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Well Keno is an adult But she's left her "deposit" on the lawn at Petsmart (which I do clean up unlike a lot of other owners).

I'm sure she's not the first one - remember she is a pup
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles View Post
Abby would steal toys if we brought her...
Lol that's cute. We took the kids to the vet last week as Ruby has another UTI and while we were in the waiting room Chester sniffed around at the toys, picked out the one he wanted and dropped it in my lap. I was so impressed that I bought it for him. Way to go puppy! He knows how to get Mum to do what he wants...
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Hehehe! That's too funny!
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Every week I am working in a pet store s and MOST of those allow animals in ... all have poop and pee issues... I am glad she showed you the station and you didnt just keep walking( that happens alot)
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I use to work for Petco...don't actually does happen all the time. Some people wouldn't tell us though and would just leave it, that was good times
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I was going to tell you I'm sure it happens all the time. Looks like others actually have proof!!!!

I just can't believe some people just walk away and leave it!!!!!!
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lol, my boxer does it every time she's in a pet store = ( she also gets diarhhea and poops like 4 or five times when we go on a walk, however as soon as she's home, she can have a normal poop, vet said there doesn't appear to be anything that would cause it medically, just that she gets so worked up when we go for walks........ believe me diarrhea is more embarrassing then just pooping on the floor lol
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Bear no longer goes to the petstores with me.
He seems to have an excitable colon.
Without fail, every time we've taken him, he has diarrhea all over the store

We just leave him in the truck now, but he's not stupid, he checks all of our pockets for puppy treats when we get back
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lol, no worries arlyn, i feel your pain!!
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You think dogs are embarassing, my neice's daughter pull down her diaper and pooped on the floor in Walmart.She was only two.My neice turned around when she someone say OH MY GOD . , that was three years ago my neice still won't go back
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oh my goodness, that is too funny!!
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i would have never just walked off and left it, but still it was embarassing enough. i am just glad they are prepaired for that kind of thing.
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I walk in the annual Christmas parade every year with Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada.Well one yr I was walking my boy (R.I.P) and he happened to have some diarrehea.Well sure enough he had to stop and do his buisness all over the street in front of hundreds of people who were laughing or yelling out "gross!" and things like that.Me and another volunteer tried to clean what we could up.

Now that was embarrassing!
So I understand your pain!
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Cubbie pees everywhere when he goes to a pet store. So I cant bring him to work with me. He's perfect at home so I dont understand it. Lots of the dogs in our rescue pee and poop in the store at adopt-a-thons.
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