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Cordless phone+bathtub!

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Anyone ever had cordless phone recover from drowning in the bathtub? Life is never dull with a teenage daughter!
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LOL yes when I was a teenager I dropped both my cordless phone and my cell phone in the bathtub...of course if you ask me now why I thought that was a good idea I cant tell you LOL...but anyways take the back of the phone and all the removeable pieces out and lay out to dry if it wasnt too water damamged(stayed in the water for longer then 5 minutes) it should start working the returning function may not be 100% our house phone didnt ring as loud as it used to and sometimes it didnt ring at all but it worked My cell phone worked almost 100% except that the 0 didnt work...
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Take it apart, dab everything with a lint-free towel, put it back together, and shove it into a bowl of uncooked rice. Let it stay there a couple of days... the rice should dry it out for you, and it may still work!
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i had a cell phone recover from the toilet

(luckily I dropped it in after i flushed)

it took about a week, and it was fine
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Thanks everyone!! Now....if I can just get it put back together right!!
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Way to go! Hope it dries soon.
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if that had happened to me, it probably would of broke
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Hrmn... well not a cordless phone.... I did drown my mobile in a bucket of bleach water at work though. Needless to say it didn't recover.

My mum did manage to melt out landline (cord) phone on the top of a cooker once. It was rather pathetic really..... we had an old stove with a grill ABOVE the hob, and one afternoon while making dinner, mum got a call...... she dragged the phone through to the kitchen and put it on top of the grill. And forgot it. It started to bubble away quite happily up there on the stove, the smell of burning plastic filling the room (and the food) and then it started to ring!!

"BRRRRRRRRRING-BRING! BRRRRRRRRING-BRingingn Brginnngn -brbr--b---------------bip."

The last words of the household telephone.

She ruined a perfectly good phone. AND a perfectly good cooker. All at the same time!
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I'm preety sure my parents had one recover from a swim in the pool. (Don't ask they would take it out to the pool so they didn't miss any calls)
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