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Do you give your kitties massages?

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Do you treat your cats to a body massage, not just a good scratch?
Tiger enjoys his daily shoulder and neck massage that I give him. He'll jump in my lap while I'm on the computer and 'stand' in front of the computer screen with his front paws on the desk and look back at me with a begging expression, all for a good shoulder rub. I even do his paws when he lets me!

To those who don't, it's really not that hard. Just do what you might do to someone's shoulders but with less force. If they're super comfortable, you can massage their whole body. It's probably really nice for older cats too. Soon, you're kitties will be begging for them!

P.S.-Anyone know of that youtube video of the cat getting a 'paddle massage'?
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I don't do her, but Ishy loves to jump on me in the mornings and give my stomach a good knead. I don't think she could stay still long enough for me to massage her.
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Oh yeah! Lil Bit demands her rubdowns every day!! The other two won't stand for it,though.
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I was just massaging Pepsi before I logged in...She comes on my lap every night for her lovins, which usually includes a massage that can last, well, pretty much as long as I want it to (I've had her for 2.5 months and she's never even come close to being overstimulated).

I have also spotted Bobert massaging her with one of his paws every so often. But for whatever reason she only tolerates it from him for at most 30 seconds, then she yells and hisses and throws him off of her. Apparently he is not well-versed in shiatsu!
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DH and I give Sydney neck & shoulder massages frequently. We've found that it really helps with her anxiety issues. Reilly loves them too. Molly is too young to appreciate them, she thinks we are trying to play with her and bites our hands
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I started giving Much massages on her shoulders and upper legs after she had a precancerous tumor removed from between her shoulder blades. I think there was some nerve damage and she gets really stiff there. She always walks better after it.
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Chynna loves to get massages! Head, neck, back, legs, paws... it's all good for her!

Abby doesn't like hand "massages". However, occasionally while she's sleeping on the desk beside me, she will allow me to gently rub the top of her paw, but it's not a massage. What she really likes is when I use my back massager on her! I have one of those massage units that has a handle on it. It has heat/no heat, and low and high speed. She absolutely loves low speed with heat!
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No Lucky would chew my arm off. All petting is done on her terms
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No, but the head vet where we go has been certified to give massages, do accupunture, holistic stuff. Maybe I check with her for a massage. Great, I am going to pay for a massage for a cat and I don't get one for myself.
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I've tried but Beauty won't allow it for more than 5 seconds then she's had enough.
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i massage squishy's shoulders and back alot Most of the time when she starts sucking wool on my chest thats all it takes to get her to stop doing it and she will lay there and go to sleep
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