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i need advice.

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i don't know where to put this thread, so if you guys want to move it some place more appropriate..


for the last week or so there has been a cat next door/around the neighbourhood moaning
this incredibly loud, almost shreiking sound.

Cameron said not to give it food because it might have a home. (but) it certainly doesn't look to me like it has a home.

it is very scruffy. it's very fat, too, though.

it's an intermitent moaning, it comes and goes all night, and more recently during the day.

i went outside today and saw there were two of them, both of them are huge, and they were practically killing one another in my neighbours yard.

this has sent me into panic mode. i don't know what to do.

my cats are stressed right out, and are pacing the house.

i don't know if i should be doing something? i don't want them to kill each other, and we can't handle this moaning all night. Cameron has to get up at 6:30 a.m. everyday, and he is not sleeping.

i don't think our local S.P.C.A. will help.

maybe i should ask my neighbour if they're her cats, but i'm almost positive they're not.

what should i do? i'm worried for their safety & health... and it's heartbreaking to hear them moaning like that.

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Hi Katie

I think this is probably a behavior question...so I'm going to put it in the behavior forum.

I don't have any suggestions or info to share I'm pretty useless except for moving posts

I know you'll get some practical advice here shortly!
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your local SPCA might help. It dosent hurt to give them a call. Who ever owns those cats is not takeing good care of them if they just let them out to fight every night. Not good.
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It sounds like you may have a male or female who is not fixed yet. It sounds like they are calling for a mate.You might want to at least contact a local rescue and see if there's something you can do to help the kitty or kitty's.
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It sounds like they are in heat to me also. The humane society in your area should be able to lend you a cage trap. Call them and see what they suggest. They may even have the number to a local rescue.
Hope you get some more sleep.
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Definitely sounds like mating season over there. I would ask the neighbors to see if they know whose cats those are. If they are indeed males in search of a female in heat they may come from afar. I would trap them like Denise suggested and have them both neutered. In fact that's what I did yesterday to a couple of males who wandered into our backyard. They are at the vet's now getting fixed They were not only stressing my cats but one of them also bit Romeo and caused a nasty abcess...
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Yeah, I also agree with calling a local rescue or humane society and seeing if they will lend you a trap, or if they will come trap them for you. I've had a tough time getting human societys or the SPCA to help me, normally the only ones who ever give a damn to come out, unless you have some psycho killer dog, are the lovely people who have their own shelters/rescue groups.
If you have a camera, you can try to take pictures of the cats, and put up flyers places. Perhaps the owner who lets them outside (which I don't agree with) doesn't realize their cat(s) are getting into fights.
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thanks for all the suggestions, guys. the cats haven't been around today, but they were out last night.

i had to work all day and our S.P.C.A. is closed now. i'm going to go next door and ask my neighbour if they are her cats, or if she knows whose they might be.

Anne, if they need to be neutered, i would love to do it, but i just don't have the $$ currently..

i'll let you know how things go, tomorrow.

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well. i talked to the neighbour and the cats don't belong to her. there are actually 3 of them, one grey, one tabby, and one pure black.

i talked to the S.P.C.A. and they said: make sure they are all strays, first. second, trap them. then bring them in and they will try to either find them homes or locate their owners (if they've wandered a long way from home, or are lost) but i have to make a donation from $20 and up for them to be neutered.

so, i'm going around the neighbourhood tomorrow to see if i can find their owners. if not, i guess i'll try to get them up to the S.P.C.A.
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