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My breakfast

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Most mornings Blossom likes to lick my cereal bowl after I've finished. I get up early, around 6.30am, after OH has left for work at 5am., so I usually have breakfast in bed & when Blossom hears the spoon go into the bowl she jumps on the bed.

Yesterday morning I didn't have breakfast straight away. Blossom came bounding onto the bed, jumped over me & looked at the spot I put the bowl when I'm done. There was nothing there. The look on her face was priceless. She jumped down just as quicky.
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I just posted this about my vegetarian kitty but I just had to laugh because our posts were about breakfast for kitty."

"I was eating my bagel this morning that had a veggie schmear on it. Butzie came to be petted. She smelled the cream cheese spread on my not petting hand and proceed to lick those fingers. She loved the stuff! This is a cat who won't eat steak or shrimp. So I guess she is a vegetarian.
Needless to say, the rest of the spread went to Butzie.
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