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No not Bella, but my wife. We're just 10 weeks away from the due date and are very excited about this bold new change in our lives.

BTW We are having a 50-50 Baby pool to set up a college fund for the baby. If anybody's interested in participating and helping that fund get going, please PM me and I'll be happy to get you involved.

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Oooo babies how exciting. Congrats.
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Congrats! I was a cat magnet when I was pregnant, and a cat repellent when I had a crying baby in my arms, lol. Though, my oldest cat (who is our most experienced mom cat ) would come running to me and holler and head back to the baby's room (looking back for me and hollering some more if I wasn't coming fast enough, lol) when our baby would wake up and cry (even if it was just a little cry and go back to sleep cry), and look at me like "What's the matter with you? Don't you hear that? Get in there!!!" The others just looked at the baby like "When is that leaving?!?". They figured it out after about a month or so .
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congratulations, it looks like kitty is listening to baby
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Oooh!! I bet it's gonna be a boy!! Congratulations! Your wife is lovely!
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Yay!! Congrats!!!! Babies always make me smile!! I think the best time of the Yr is when a Baby is Born!!
I see Boy too!! Whats it ganna be xman??
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Congratulations! Great picture
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We've asked not to be told the baby's sex so it'll be a surprise.
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Hey, I had that same black top when I was preggo! Congrats on the upcoming arrival!
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Oooh congratulations!! I'd guess at a boy too - your wife has the very neat, very "forward" bump That's how we guess them in our family, and we're usually right! Neat, low, foward bumps for boys; wider, slightly higher bumps for girls Good luck for the big day!
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We determine the Sex of the Baby by the Belly also... im pretty good at it too, hehe. We also use the "Ring on a Hair" trick too.. and its worked 2/3 times so far.
When I have my first child I wanna be surprised too! although I may get to anxious so idk... im not as Patient as you, xman
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Aw that's so wonderful! Love the kitty cuddling her tummy!
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congratulations!! Sending many for a happy healthy delivery!!
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I love the kitty snuggling with your wife!
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Awwww, a kitty on a preggo belly! IS there anything cuter
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i love babie's LOL
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Awwww, a kitty on a preggo belly! IS there anything cuter
Well sure, the preggo belly of an excited mom-to-be! Especially when its unexpected but much wanted!
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Aww...congrats! Be sure to keep us up to date! Since you don't know, do you have preference of boy of girl? And, do you have names picked out?
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Congratulations on your wife being pregnant! How exciting!
You'll have to update us all on your new baby when he/she comes!!
Good luck with everything - enjoy your new bundle of love!!
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I have no preference for the baby's sex and will be happy with anything!
Names? well now there's a can of worms. We can agree on girls' names (Nova and Imogen leading the way) but for boys' names we're almost to blows. everything she likes, I don't, and everything I like she doesn't. watch ... with our luck it'll be a boy.

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Congratulations! Babies are a joy!
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Congratulations!!!! DH wants to name our son Bishop if we have one!!!! I like Makenzie for a girl! It is good to see a dad excited!!!! Please keep us updated!!! Tell her we said congrats to her tooo!!!!!
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Originally Posted by xman View Post
We've asked not to be told the baby's sex so it'll be a surprise.

We did that too, and then they forgot to tell us! We had to ask "Well, is it a boy or a girl?!?" ! They were surprised that we didn't know already, lol.

I will say, seeing that she was 6 weeks early (but was fine and dandy, and we were home in a week at 4 lbs. 6 oz. ), that they were a little distracted .
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