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We are expecting a winter Thunderstorm!!

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Well, now i've heard of everything. It has been foggy all day there have been 2 deadly crashed in the area due to the poor visability and now we are expecting a winter THUNDERSTORM!!
Talk about freeky

anyone else getting this wierd weather??
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Yeah!! It's really warm here. In the upper 50's. We are expecting thunderstorms tomorrow.
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Well, ya know what they say about wintertime thunderboomers?? Expect a big snowfall afterwards!! I hope it storms here!!
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We're supposed to get thunderstorms here & then snow after midnight. Nothing surprises me regarding weather anymore.
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Yea last week Tuesday had a high of 15 degrees and snowy... this tuesday, the high is 68 degrees with thunderstorms. I dont get it...
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Yeah, I have my windows open here! I love it--I didn't even have to wear my jacket while I biked around town for my errands today. When you don't have a car and you live in the USA (where everything's spread out and a 50,000 person town is 10 miles across), you get very annoyed when you have to go on winter errands and your nose constantly freezes and thaws... eiiik!
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We had about 70 degrees and fairly sunny all day today. It was absolutely awesome!! Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 60s and a possible thunderstorm.
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It was about 60 here today and we had some yucky thunderstorms but nothing to horrible. I wish it'd stay warm the rest of the winter. I hate cold.
Snow is pretty but I like warmer temps better.
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Yup, we have it!

We are under tornado watch(warning?) until 9 was soooo warm here today! I had my windows open I hope it rains, but thats it, no tornadoes!!
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nice here in Kansas today though we are expecting snow supposedly??
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It's been just BEAUTIFUL here the past few days! Almost warm enough to turn the a/c on!

My son called yesterday from Wisconsin, and said it was in the 50's there - which is really unusual for Wisc. this time of the year.

I think winter thunderstorms are cool. I've seen it snowing & lightening at the same time - it's really freaky but neat!

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65 degrees here today and tonight it's rain storming like crazy. No, don't LIKE's just so ummmm, abnormal. Weeds are starting to grow and I swear the grass is growing too!! I mean, HEY, this is N/W Indiana, NOT Tennesee!
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Very strange weather hear. In the 30s and poured rain most of the day. Dense fog all day too. My car slid down our steep icy rain slick driveway this morning, I was just thankful no cars were coming on the street.
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