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Neutering question-- spraying?

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I have a foster kitten who I might end up keeping, but I'm not sure yet... My vet said that she recommends neutering at 6 months old but if I keep him, I don't want him to get to the age where they start spraying and marking before he is neutered. I was not sure at what age they start spraying? I assume that it would be the same age that they are able to reproduce, so wouldn't that be before 6 months old?
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I've only ever had one male cat, many years ago, & he was done at 6 mths, with no problems. However it was hard to tell what sex he was as he had no obvious sac.
These days the shelters fix the kittens b4 adoption & breeders spay/neuter their kittens at 10 weeks old b4 they go to their new homes at 12 weeks. They say they get over the op better at this young age.
As soon as you decide to keep him, I'd have him done asap. Blossom, my current kitty, I had done at 5 mths.
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There's no set age, but most won't spray much under 8-9 months old. However, why does your vet not want to neuter before 6 months. Its recommended to neuter as young as possible. I feel comfortable now with doing it at 3-4 months old.

You don't want to have him start just cause your vet wants to wait - maybe find another vet to have it done now
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