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No More FabFur

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Hello All....

Well...I broke down and created a new signature for my catsite.com profile. I got rid of the Fabfur graphic ...You know, the one where all of my cats had GREAT toothy grins?

I was wondering if I could ask you if you guys think the cats eyes are blinking too fast. I can't really tell for sure on the Mac...I have noticed in the past that my GIF's behave differently on PC's. Are they blinking at all?

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They are blinking vvvvveeeerrrryyyy ssssslllllooooowwwwwllllyyyyyy
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Oh cool, thanks Heidi >^,,^<
That's perfect. I wanted them to appear sleepy...then I wanted them to randomly pop their eyes or eye open for shock value. LOL! Real shocking, huh?

You should have seen them when I had them all blinking in hyperactive mode. LOL! The looked possessed by something...LOL!

Normally I check these things out on my hubby's PC...but his hard drive is DEAD. (I feel so naked - LOL!)

Keith just told me that they look "High"—I think I am going to have to chase him around the yard with a stick!

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I like the current rate of blinking. It's not super fast, but not so slow that you would miss it. Hey Kim, as a fellow Mac user, I'd love it if you could post some tips for creating these kinds of effects.
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Kim....it's just purrrrrfect! You have amazing talent!
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It's cute!!! They do look sleepy - and their eyes (one at a time) pop open occassionally.

:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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I love it! Its so darn cute!
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Gogo is opening his eyes wide, Rocko and Peanut are opening one eye occasionally, and SpotWard is opening one, then both.
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Looks good! Now we can better see your cute kitties' faces. The blink rate is fine...now that you mention it, GoGo does look a bit like he's been in the evil weed (catnip, of course), but if that bothers you "undialate" his eyes a little.

And I'm still jealous:tounge2: !

Where did you come up with SpotWard's name?
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Kim, I love it!

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Wow, thank you so much for the critique. I really appreciate it!! We all know how important it is to get our BLINKS to look REAL!

Hey Deb25, I would be happy to share some "Down and Dirty Cat Creations" with the forum. I'll have to PM you for your ideas on how to present it without boring everyone. Help Me!! >^,,^<

WillieWZ: I agree, GoGo is looking pretty darn dilated, LOL! I was thinking of putting some "Bling" Bling" into his pupils to make him look a little more glamorous. Like the Ultra Bright Commercials…

As far as Spot's name...well when I brought him home at 2 weeks old he was a smaller version of what he is today....he's always been a "Moo" —my Spotted little boy. To me, there was no other name for him....SPOT fit him perfectly, LOL! You can tell he likes his name....the picture below says it all....
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is that a tiny couch or did spot become huge?
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Girl..this cat can EAT!


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Hey Kim,

The best suggestion I can give is: Make it as easy as you can to understand. I don't look in the computer tips thread a lot, because most of the stuff is PC, so I don't bother. I have a couple of photo editing programs between my iMac and my iBook, but I suck at using any of them. They just don't seem to give me the step-by-step directions I need to get started. I would so love to get some of my 2 brats blinking at the bottom of my posts.
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A tabby with "bling-bling" eyes! ROFL!! And a diamond collar too, right? I wish I could do that with Willie... his eyes are so green that they glow in the dark... Ok, all cats' eyes glow in the dark, but that's NOT what I meant! Duuuuhhhh, I think it's my bedtime...
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