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I want her to be able to go outside, but...

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First of, welcome to my first thread =D

And now, I have a smaaall problem. See, my cat is an indoor cat, but I'd like for it to at least be able to go outside from time to time, just for the cat's sake, since I know she would probably like to explore and get fresh air. The only problem is, we live in a mobile home, and the cat can easily go under the house- and get lost *inside* the house, like the ventilation. That's what worries my parents and me.
So I decided to come to the wonderful people on this site to ask for advice. Should we at least try to let her outside, keeping a very close eye on her, or should we just not worry about her going outside?

And I apologize if this is the wrong forum, I really do D:
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Cats are by far safer indoors, IMO, just keep her inside. They are at risk for disease, injury, etc. when they go outside. And cats being nosy, I can see her getting stuck very quickly inside the house.
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What you want is a 4-point harness and leash. The harness name just means it's one with not just a neck collar but one that also goes around the tummy, and the two are attached on top by a little strip on which is a loop to hook a leash onto. What you need is to just get the harness on the cat initially for a few minutes (you may need help from someone else) and gradually try her in it a few times a day (for a few days) til she forgets she has it on (indoors). Once you have the tummy collar done up tight enough for one finger to slip in (and no more - tight is safer than loose) you won't have to ever redo it, as you can slip it back off her once the neck part's undone - and that also should be relatively snug, though not so tight of course that she has trouble bending her neck or anything! Anyhow, pick a day, pref. at a quiet time (outdoors) and with the leash hooked on, bring her just out the door and leave it open so she's aware of that, then put her down and she what happens - she may just sniff everything in sight (normal, if boring) or take you for a walk (as likely as not under a bush for safety). What concerns me is that she doesn't go out without you and the leash because of your location with too many hidey places where you can't retrieve her, but otherwise, have fun on your walks.
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I recommend them staying inside - no real reason to be roaming unsupervised outside. If you really feel she has to have time outside, then train her to a harness and leash and sit out there with her, or build/buy a small cat enclosure for her to sit in.

You do realize the outside is a good place to pick up fleas and ticks.
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please consider keeping kitty inside or on a harness, our new foster cat was run over by his previous owners who let him out for some fresh air, he is in a cast for the next month or so!
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Inside is much safer. If you want your kitty to have the pleasure of rolling in the grass and catching a few bugs, buy a harness and leash. Get her used to the harness inside first. Put it on, give treats. Once she feels comfortable being in it, take her outside. I recommend 2 leashes in case she pulls one out of your hand. All my cats are strictly indoors, and none have been outside because I don't want them to start being door darters to get out there, but I don't see anything wrong with VERY supervised, on leash outdoor time.
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