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the crippled kitty is here...finally

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ok, before I talk about this kitty I am going to say what the e-vet said:
"This is not an emergency, it can wait until you see your normal vet on Monday. I don't know why this kitten didn't die of infection to begin with, but it is gone now. She doesn't have a fever, her color is good, she is back there playing."
for about 2 weeks I have been trying to co-ordinate with a woman who called the shelter saying a crippled kitten showed up in her yard.
Well, finally the kitten arrived today. A relative of the woman dropped it off...in a cardboard box closed with packing tape. no airholes..

they did bring a bag of 9-lives, which is more than many people do.

So, I carefully open the box, which is emitting tiny little "mew!" noises.

A little black and white face hisses at me for a moment, then just looks scared.
I pick up the little kitten, about 3 months old. and...
what is THAT???????

Her right hind foot is dangling by skin
it stinks
the leg is swollen above the skin

I grab a carrier and puts the kitten inside carefully. Then look in teh box and see something, what is it? I pick it up and yell AAAAGGGGGHHHHH ....
It's the kitten's toes.
Dried up, mumified... they fell off when I picked up the kitten.

I was very glad I hadn't had lunch.

The kitten has been named Valentine. The e-vet thinks it was a fan belt injury - atleast that is the most likely cause. Hard to know for certain. The swelling is actually a huge mass of granualted scar tissue. Apparenlty the scar tissue blocked the spread of infection to the rest of the leg somehow.

The right front (it is the left rear that is mangled) was apparently fractured and healed on its own. It looks like she has an extra joint frozen in place where the break healed.

But she is running and playing and swatting things.

It's amazing what some critters can survive.
The e-vet said "That is one tough kitten."

We have one pict, not uploaded yet, but we'll post them soon.

She is in the new kitten cage - the funds for which were generously donated by a friend on the boards. She has a cardboard scratcher, a fleece bed w/ a snugglesafe for extra warmth, a flat fleece mat, all the food & water she coudl ever want, her litterbox, some toys, and towels over part of the cage for privacy.

She purrrrs when you look at her. She loves her belly rubbed & gives headbutts galore. What a sweetie.

She is a little hissy to the other kitties, which is why I put the towels over the cage.

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Stupid question - what is e-vet? Emergency vet?

Bendy - what a heart-wrenching story! I'm so glad this kitty was rescued!!!!

It IS amazing what animals (and people) can survive. So... is the kitten receiving any kind of treatment at this point? Or the kitty is crippled, but healed?

Just amazing. !!!!!!
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Oh my goodness! Bless you for taking care of the little sweetheart!
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She needs to have the mostly dead foot amputated and is on Clavamox - just in case she needs it.
But yep, she has done most of the work herself!

sorry, e-vet is Emergency Vet. I get used to these abbreviations and forget that not all boards used them.

I keep going over and looking at her, expecting something to be wrong, and she looks back at me like "well, what are staring at?"
or she'll roll over and wave her belly at me.
I"m afraid to let her romp around the house, that dangling foot REALLY bothers me. I don't think my vet will make it in tomorrow - we're iced in and more ice falling. I"ll get her in as quickly as I can!!
Heck, the vet is only 3 miles from me, I can walk her there if I can't get my car out and they are open.

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Valentine sounds like such a sweetheart, and she's lucky you're there to look after her. I was wondering, are you planning to keep her or is she a foster kitty?
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oh my gosh! take care of that poor kitty. its amazeing how good her mood is considering her injury. you must be that kittys angel!
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There are about 13 permanent residents here, and 6 fosters. Recently we made Jean-Claude permanent. Those near-death experiences with fosters bind us so close to them.
But if we keep them ALL then we won't be able to help more! So Valentine needs to find a nice forever home.

I took some more picts of her today, and will upload them in a few days. Hopefully she'll be added to my website soon, too.

She is less hissy this evening towards the other cats, she just has so much to get used to here! The bunny hopped up to her cage and she just *stared.* sort of a 'what is THAT?' reaction.

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Gee Bendy, you sure are some kind of for the work you do for all of these disabled kitties. All I can say is bless you.
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Thank you for rescuing Valentine - she is so lucky to have found you!
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Thanks, Bendy. I figured it was Emergency Vet, and I'm sure others know the terminology, but I'm still learning...

OK. I saw the pics thread is up! Gotta go see this incredible kitty.

How wonderful you are!!!!!!

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