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I am begging...

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is there any chance anyone on TCS would adopt PJ & Punky?

If I send them to this rescue, I most likely will not hear of them again.

This is really hard for me to do, letting them go.....a few more months & I might've been able to keep them....but right now, they have a chance at a home through this rescue....I've got to give them that chance.

Neutered, UTD on shots, housetrained. $50 for the pair & they have to go together. Born May 5, 2007.
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You know if I had the space I'd take them in a second. Sadly, it wouldn't be fair to anyone for me to do that. I really hope someone does as I'm sure we'd all like to keep up on them. They are such cute boys.
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Nat, I really wish I could
I have been thinking of who I know that would adopt them, but my mind is blank
Best of luck for the two little ones
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Bump!!! I wish I could take them
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I would take them too Natalie...but I am maxed on kits and cost of care.
Family already think I am crazy with 4 kits.....
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I wish I could help you out. But my hands are full right now. Ive cut back on fostering too. I just have my two ferals everyone else has been adopted. I cant take anymore right now. Good luck! Could you maybe ask the rescue to let you know when they get adopted. We do that for people/
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I so wish that I could take them! But with 13 permanent cats and with fostering season about to go into full swing again I just can't.
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Awwww, Not only am I too far away, but I have no room for that many kitties
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Aww we wish we could take them too...but our kitty family is at its max.
We pray, hope, & wish that Punky & PJ get loving homes
Heres for good luck Heres tons of for them just in case!
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Is there anyway the rescue would let you know what is going on with them before they had to do anything drastic?? Other wise I could make a couple calls and see what I can do, it would just cost me so much money that it might take a couple weeks!
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The rescue didn't pull them, they are still here.
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I am too far away! Bless the sweeties heart, and yours....I am sorry. I wish I could help.
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