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Vegetarian Cat

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I was eating my bagel this morning that had a veggie schmear on it. Butzie came to be petted. She smelled the cream cheese spread on my not petting hand and proceed to lick those fingers. She loved the stuff! This is a cat who won't eat steak or shrimp. So I guess she is a vegetarian.
Needless to say, the rest of the spread went to Butzie.
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Sounds very similar to something Arwen would do..she enjoys licking out the remainders of Yoghurt pots, or if she is being crafty, will lick it off the spoon thus leaving afterwards with a blob of it on her nose

She does enjoy eating other things too, even pepperoni from my pizzas. The other week I ordered one in, and she sat beside me watching my every mouthful..and in between one she decided to swipe her paw at the pizza slice and knock off a bit of pepperoni..it happened so fast I am surprised she didn't scratch me in the process, she was so eager to get that piece of meat!

Gotta love her for it though, and I did see the funny side of it afterwards..
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That is so sweet!! Well, even Butzie can't resist the power of CHEESE
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Blossom loves Wheetbix (whole wheat breakfast biscuits). She opens the packets to get to them.
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Hee hee! Silly kitty! They do know what they like.

Just be careful with giving kitty anything that like because they don't always know what's good for them. Garlic and onions are toxic to cats, and mine sure don't know that there are onions and garlic in Ranch Dressing - which they will climb me to get.
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shadoe will stalk me for cream cheese, I have found it is easier to give him a blol so I can eat my bagel in peace!
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Samson and Miette like vegemite , I can't leave my toast unattended if I have vegemite on it or they will do whatever it takes to get to it.
Miette also seems to like the smell of coffee and will always stick her head inside my empty coffee mug.
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