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I have started painting...

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First, I always doubt myself. Second I have ALWAYS wanted to paint a canvas. Well I must have mentioned this to my sister once because for Christmas she got me a painting kit (sort of a paint by numbers sort of thing) that was acrylic paints and a canvas. The tulips were already drawn, I just had to paint it, but I was really happy with it! And I loved doing it so much that I bought some more canvases and paints and painted more on my own yesterday! So I wanted to share my pictures with you.
This is the tulip painting:

This is my pug painting, first the sketch (I have NEVER sketched a pug before!):

This is the finished pug painting:

Here is a closer up of the head:

And this last one, I was trying to copy something I saw on HGTV once. I painted the bottom brown (to be sand), the middle one blue (to be water), and the top another blue (to be sky). And I HATED it. So I decided since I already wasted the canvas that I would just be messy and creative and I love how it turned out, and the background colors look cool this way.

And now I am out of canvases. What do you think?
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Excellent work! I love 'em

I used to paint quite a bit during my school days using the canvas materials, and it's so easy when you know how. Recently I have bought some pre-printed canvas pictures which already come with colours and paintbrushes etc, but finding the time to sit down and do them is difficult for me at the moment.

I think as soon as I get round to doing them, I will show you my progress..It's nice to know someone else who also enjoys this wonderful type of artwork!

Well done! x
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I LOVE the last one..I would put that one my wall
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I love them all! Put each of them in a different room of the house, that would be such a nice idea..
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They are all beautiful!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I LOVE the last one..I would put that one my wall
me too
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that is so cool that everyone likes the last painting that I thought was a mistake! I could paint those all day long.
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Very nice! I wish I could paint like that! I could probably do the one that's already outlined, but to create one on my own--couldn't do it.

Its awesome how your mistake turned out to be a "masterpiece".

Keep it up! You seem to have quite the talent for it.
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Oh my gosh!!!!! I LOVE the last painting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would buy that in a heart beat! I'm a huge fan of abstact styles!!!!
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Originally Posted by mom2raven View Post
This one is absolutely fab. I can tell you were loose when you painted the flowers, and I love the colors.
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Those are good! I really love the last one- great work!
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I love the last one, too.
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I love the third one!!!! I'd so hang that in my living room! It's funny how sometimes you don't like something so you just sort of go for it, and it ends up being awesome!
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Look at the white flower (or fireworks blast -- I can see it that way, too) at the lower right in that last painting. See what depth it has, the way you made it seem to dip down in the center? That's fabulous! And the colors in that one are so vibrant, they make me just plain GRIN! You've got a talent, m'dear!
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All the paintings are really good!! I especially like the first one and the last one!! You have a good natural eye for painting! The biggest piece of advice I can give to any painter is to let the brush and paint do the work! To just let it move like it wants to needs to. You really did just that on the last one--you just let the paint and brush work together! It is really, really good!!
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