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This film takes the viewer on an adventure through the last hours of the Third Reich. We are taken into Hitler's bunker and walked through his last moments. The film came about from a documentary about Hitler's personal secretary. She lived though those hours, and gives us a unique perspective of how history was created.

Understanding that, this film has it's share of flaws. First, it's two and half hours long. That's a ton of time to spend with morally flawed characters. About halfway though I found myself getting really angry, because the film tries to have us sympathize with one of the main Nazis. As we trudge though some of the perfunctory stuff and get down to the real meat of the film it becomes better and better. Hitler is portrayed as a crazy man who keeps moving invisible German army units along a map. He seems to have lost all touch with reality.

However, I feel the best performance in the entire film goes to Juliane Köhler, she plays Eva Braun. I've never understood much about Braun, or her motivations, but simply the way Köhler plays her is fantastic.

I'd say that if you are a history buff pick this up, but this film isn't going to be one of your favorites. It's good not great.