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Anyone In The Snow Storm's Path

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Please be careful. We're hunkering down here and waiting for it to hit. We are suppose to get 12-18 inches by Tuesday and it's suppose to start tonight about 10:00 and not suppose to stop until sometime on Tuesday and with the wind chill we're below "0". 12-18 inches for NYC is pretty big. I'm off from work tomorrow. Did the shopping for the gang yesterday and will just stay warm and home. Now, I've got to go get hubby from work. Everyone please stay safe and warm and don't go out unless it's absolutely necessary. The roads are going to be really bad.

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Gee does this mean you would rather be in Las Vegas? Stay safe Frannie- and everyone else in the way of this monster storm. We have 10 days of rain coming our way---not what we need-but there is finally snow on the mountains for the first time all year!
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We have a lot of ice here, argh. Everyone be careful out there today!
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Western PA is supposed to get about 4 inches more snow today on top of the four that has fallen this AM, and 8-12 tonight. The wind chill is about 0, and the temp. is 19 F. However, I hear Washington D.C. will have the worst part of this storm, which is hitting much of the Northeast. Please be careful driving, everyone!
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and is accumlulating fast!
I filled the bird feeder and brought in lots of wood for the stove.
I always have emergency supplies handy - with the number of storms (of all types) we get I try to be ready all the time.

So I just see this as an opportunity to sit back and relax. No one expects anyone to go anywhere or get anything done, really, so why fret. I am playing on the computer, snuggling the kitties, sleeping in, and will do some clean up around the house.

And if the electricity goes out like it did in December's ice storm, I have lots and lots of batteries, and a wood stove.

stay warm and dry and HOME everyone!!!!!

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We have about 8 or so inches here so far.
I can't understand how people get so worked up about these things. I mean, it's snow, snow will happen, it's not the end of the world, just sit in your home enjoying your time and it will all melt away and pass, and then you can go about your other business.
No one is going to die from not being able to go to the grocery store all weekend.
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Actually, Angel, the snow and ice here are very dangerous...snow here tends to melt and refreeze, causing hundreds of accidents. Ice... oh, boy, we had an ice storm a few months ago that knocked down trees and powerlines. Lots of people were powerless for a week or more. In fact, a lot of people who had power restored, had it go out again after a damaged tree fell on a line or transformer. Several people died, or were seriously injured. One woman I know had a tree fall through her roof and break both of her husband's legs very badly, and he was their sole means of support while she goes to school. I don't think we'll get hit very badly this time, but caution is definitely necessary.
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especially here in NC. We get storms of all kinds all the time. ice storms, snow storms, wind storms, downdrafts (those localized, intense thunderstorms), tornados, hurricanes, floods...

they all have the possibility of injuring/killing people and causing damage. But that doesn't mean that everyoen needs to swarm to the store the night before or get themselves all worked up.

Life is full of chances, we need to be prepared and handle the catastrophes as they come.

People coudl always keep a small kerosene heater somewhere in case they dont' have heat, or have a camp stove so they can cook. They need to have proper ventialation when using these devices but then those devices say that on their instructions.

I don't understand the big deal, nor why so many people who have lived here for years are still unprepared when a storm comes.

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It just started snowing here. We're in an area that frequently has problems with power AND the phones.

We did our grocery shopping yesterday, and stocked up on water, just in case. Our pipes ALMOST froze this morning. Had we slept in another hour, they probably would have frozen.

We've been feeding the outside cats all they'll eat, and Gary beefed up the protection from the wind around their shelters. I know he's got pneumonia, but he's been good about napping and staying in bed (for the most part ). We've also been feeding them warm milk (Whiska's milk that is lactose-free made for cats). I love watching them lap up warm milk!

We filled up all the bird feeders today, too, and put new suet out.

They say we're supposed to get 20" or so. Ugh. Winter is not my thing!
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Oh gosh, I'm not prepared to be "snowed in" at all, especially if the power goes out. I just mean that snow and ice are nothing to sneeze at, particularly if you're going to be driving. But people do go nuts and swarm the stores here, though! My grandmother needed "D" batteries last night and said that there were only 3 packs left on the display. I wish I had gotten milk, but it looks like it's not really going to hit here after all.
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Snow and ice are an expected part of life in the Northern part of the US. People from Minnesota and Canada usually have much worse weather than we do in PA, and we're used to snow and ice. We know how to drive on these hilly roads, and most of us don't panic. However, black ice kills many motorists, some of the poor elderly are dying from hypothermia, and we read in SOS of the dogs freezing to death in Ohio.

This has continued for an extended time this winter, and Laurie's pipes don't care if it's routine; they're going to freeze if it gets cold enough, and the handicapped are not going to get the help they need if the roads are ice-covered. We don't panic, but it's foolish not to be prepared with batteries, a heat source and other emergency supplies. So, even if it sounds silly to some, please drive carefully, and call the elderly in your neighborhoods. Make sure they're warm and not in need, please.

p.s. Is it time for the story about how deep the snow was when we were little kids? No? Oh, heck!
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Waiting for it to hit here too. Are expecting 10-12 I think...haven't seen the weather at all today. I hope we get snowed in...I love being stuck at home!
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Jeanie - lovely of you to include your concern for others! There is an elderly couple that lives near us and have a hard time getting around, and we always take them things - snow or no!

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The worst we ever had it was in Alaska, got snowed in for 10 days. Couldn't even see out the front bay window the snow was so deep! We ended up tearing down a wall in our shop and using the plywood to store up the windows as we were afraid the pressure would crack them. It was not fun, but we were prepared just because that is the nature of the beast.The worst was of course losing power- thank God we had a portable potty...

When we moved to Oregon we were amazed at how the whole area just shuts down at just a little bit of snow. Schools close, alerts go up and it was just nuts, as it doesn't even really snow here.
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I agree, snow is a fact of winter, and should be expected.

BUT....27 inches of the stuff!

The wind has drifted it up against the windows and the cats are dismayed that they can't see out. My BF went out to shovel yesterday and came back in covered with the stuff. Lilith (3 yr old tortie) took one look at him and freaked out, shoving the other cats out of her way and in doing so causing a Rapid Deployment of Cats. There were chubb-tails all around! I guess Lil thought that the Abominable Snowman was coming for her!
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I don't know how much snow we have right now. Probably 18 inches, and it isn't showing any signs of slowing down. Right now, some idiot is trying to drive on a very snowy street. I am watching, because both of our cars are on that street. I think maybe he/she is trying to park, but I can't tell. Only essential emergency/medical personnel are supposed to be on the roads right now. I think you can get a fine if you're out and not by absolute necessity.

Hoping for a snow day tomorrow.

Mom of 10--LOL--I have a mental picture of a bunch of cats all puffy.
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yea i can just imagine it too! what a sight that would have been!
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Mom of 10- I had to laugh at your term Rapid Deployment of Cats! LOL Hope it stops snowing soon...

That snowstorm where we got snowed in? Our friends in anchorage had a two-story home and the snow got so deep that the moose actually went on their roof to get out of it! They just climbed up the snow bank. After John and Judy dug out, Judy went up on the roof with her camera and she photographed the moose tracks plus the moose droppings up there by the chimmney- the moose were trying to stay warm (I guess) At the Iditarod Photo Contest, Judy entered her picture with the caption "Yes Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus!" LOL She won Honorable Mention that year!
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I lived through the ice storm of 98. The only reason why some ( very few and really only really elderly ) peopled died, was because it was totally unexpected, we had no notice what so ever. This lasted for over a month, several people had no power/heat/water for almost 2 months.
However, most people have the smarts to just not drive out in weather like this/that.
So if you don't have snow tires, if your car is too light, if you don't trust the other drivers, or trust your own driving ability, or the road isn't plowed enough, simple, don't go out.
You should ALWAYS stock up during winter, I always have a heafty stock of everything. I'm not saying this to show that "Mainers are better", I'm telling it just to let you know how we do it, and why less of us die or get in accidents, lol.

Last night, around 8pm Maryland put a ban on all driving. You could not be driving unless it was an emergency. All bus's were closed, subway was closed, trains, BWI was completely closed, not just cancelled flights, but closed.
The ban has been lifted since 4am, but they are thinking about puting it back on.
We easily have 3 feet of snow right now, possibly more and it's still coming down quiet hard (for this area).
For any of you who live in your own house, and are worried about your pipes freezing, leave your water on in like a kitchen sink just a little. That will help to prevent the pipes from freezing.
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Everybody - please keep safe! Laurie - hopefully all of the outdoor kitties are ok! Keeping all of you in my prayers.
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