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Aww Little Teddy

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My 3 m/o Teddy's so cute! He likes to watch T.V while he eats his dinner and breakfast. Lately he likes to watch the computer as well...he chases the cursor on screen and puts his little paws up as if hes catching it! aww hes so cute!

He has also made up a couple of new games. You hide behind a corner on all fours, then peep around so he knows ur there, then he will sneak up and BAM comes at you on 2 legs! its so funny. His other game is like tag. You shut the door then he will put his paw under the door and u have to try and catch it. When u catch it, its ur turn to put ur fingers under so he can catch it. He he he's so cute. I loveth him
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Awww Don't you just love kittens?

They are so fun!
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yeh, everything's a game to them!
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You should get one of those long-fingered play gloves! They protect your fingers from claws, and they are a lot of fun for kittes who like to chase fingers.
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Such a cutie! Seems like he is training you in the art of playing games.
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