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Neffie had "yuck eye"

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SO we took her to the vet and he said it was a form of kitty "pink eye". So he gave her drops to make her eye better, well now Twig is getting goopy "yuck eye". I am wondering if he's getting what Neffie had? If it's contagious, I'm wondering if it's going to become an issue with all the cats? The vet knows we have 6 cats, but didn't say anything about it being contagious so I guess I better call tomorrow and find out.
Neffie's eye looks fine now, but we still have to put drops in it until Tues, I can't imagine putting drops in Twigs eye, he's a grumpy old man.
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It sounds as though Neffie had conjunctivitis due to either a bacterial infection or a viral infection (both of which are contagious). You should take Twig to the vet, and ask if there are things you can do to prevent the spread of the infection to your other kitties. Good Luck!
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Twig went to the vets today. He's got an eye infection in his eye also, but it's a different type so now we have drops for Neffie's eyes, ear drops for Rocket, and salve to put in Twigs eyes. Yikes! Poor kitties! I just hope this yuck goes away soon! I hate having sick babies.

(I also hope noone else gets it. )
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