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non-toxic cleaning recipes;have any?

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does any one have any cat friendly cleaning solution recipes? I use dish suds for most chores but need something that can clean glass/windows/patio doors. Binky likes to lick the condensation off the glass patio doors (little weirdo) and i dont want to use windex. (icky!) Thanks
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i have heard of using vinegar and water, but not sure exactly....try www.ehow.com they have lots of tips. good luck!
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I have an electric steam cleaner (it looks like a canister-type vacuum cleaner with various attachments) made by Kärcher (a German brand which is also sold in N. America; other brands should be available). It was fairly expensive, but since I bought it over three years ago I've been able to dispense with all household cleansers, and it has cut my cleaning time in half. I use it on all the floors (tile, laminate, parquet), cabinets, windows, mirrors, bathroom, fridge, oven, litter boxes, rugs, etc, etc. I got it because I was having problems with the skin on my hands (allergic reaction to cleansers), and also because I figured it would be much better for my cat.
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I use a solution of 1/2 vineager and 1/2 water to clean my mirrors and windows, and it leaves them streak free. Also, I read a tip somewhere about using a vineager and water solution to clean litter boxes, and I have been cleaning Snowball's litter box this way for a couple of years with good results, ordors are less of a problem too.
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