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Whitey Ford, you said what?

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Whitey Ford and Sandy Koufax are my budgies. They both talk, over 20 phrases. Whitey was chirping, talking, and he says, "Butzie." I explained to him that calling Butzie was not a good idea for a budgie.
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LOL That's so cute!! What a smart budgie
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Your 'Keets talk?!!!!! 0_0

My 'Tiel Talks but I have to work to get him to speak and he will only talk in front of me, no one else!!! I envy you!! lol
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Keets are so smart, sometimes. ;D My dad just bought two keets for him and Mom, and I hope they'll begin talking, or at least singing, soon. Surely they'll learn to whistle like my tiels. =D
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Oh, yeah! They talk. My favorite was one day when I came home and I said to Sandy Koufax, "How are you?" He looked at me and said, "I'm fine, thank you, and you?" Thought I was going to pee in my pants.
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Hahaha, that's adorable!

We have one at school who repeats whole conversations to himself. There are a lot of students that go in there to study, like me, and he'll just pick up words and convos quickly. It's halarious to hear him spout it all off, even though you can't -quite- tell what exactly he's saying, sometimes.
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I had 2 'Keets about 3yrs ago, Ryan and Nortan ((named after my best friend, who got them for me never could tell which was which though)) and they didnt talk or whistle... they just chirped, even though for a while they shared a cage with my 'Tiel who Whistles non-stop.
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Haha thats cute....but I didnt know parakeets really "talked"!
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Yea there supose to have the largest Vocabulary Ability ((i think i said that right)).. although ive personally never heard them talk.
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