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Do you guys ever feel overwhelmed?

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Right now Ive got so much to do and so much on my mind I feel like hiding under a rock somewhere til everyting is better...I cant find a job my nerves are shot...the house needs to be cleaned mainly just the bedrooms and the kitchen. We've been putting bills on credit cards(not good) we just paid them all off...DH is bringing in enough to keep the essentials paid but it only leaves us about 50 a month for groceries/gas dog food and vet bills. I feel like I cant do anything right. I really just wanna somewhere and hide there until everything is right again...DH says hes not stressed and told me not to worry about it..if I hadnt of quit I would have been fired so either way we would have been in this looks better on my record to quit then to be fired but still...Ive had about all I can take!! Thanks for letting me rant!
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I feel your pain sweetie!!! I really do.....I am sending some (((stress relieving vibes))) to you!!
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Oh gosh, I do understand... life has become so complicated, I think most of us feel overwhelmed at one time or another. And when that gets you down and depressed, things like housework loom even larger, and you can't even see where to begin. It's an awful feeling!

But you won't be out of work forever. Something good will happen... and in the meantime, if you pick up just half a room a day, you can catch up with the house in a week or less. It's not an infinite task! There is light at the end of the tunnel.

It sounds like you have a good, capable husband, and that's a huge help. Maybe you can lean on him a little until you get on top of things again? It'll be okay, hon...
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I know that feeling all too well

My stress levels finally reached a breaking point in November and I made the hard decision to declare personal bankruptcy because I was paying out so much money to bills/rent/creditors that I found myself having to go without food at times.

Life is no fun when you live like that.

I don't know the situation with your last job or why you quit, but I do know that it's not a good idea to quit any job without first having another one to go to. But maybe the decision was taken out of your hands and you felt like you had no choice.

If your husband is the only income earner right now, and you are having to put things on your credit cards to get by, that's not a good thing. Credit cards should not be used as a means to pay bills and buy food because there is no money left out of your income to get those things otherwise.

It sounds like you are in a serious financial crisis, and perhaps a fresh financial start is what you both need too?

I had thought the decision to go bankrupt was a hard one. But in hindsite I know I didn't do it sooner out of a sense of pride. Once I made the decision to do it, a huge weight was lifted off of me. And a month and 1 week later I don't regret my decision for even a moment. It was the right thing for me to do at this point in time in my life. Give it some consideration. You may find it's the answer for you too if you are struggling as badly as you say you are right now.
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I'm sorry you're having such a hard time.

I get like that sometimes too, but lately not very often. I think the most important thing I learned to avoid feeling overwhelmed by what life brings me is to really take it one day at a time. Of more accurately, one moment at a time. What happened to me is that I was trying to cope with all the things that could potentially happen all at once. But if I stop and look at where I am right now, things are much more manageable.

So my advice to you would be to take a deep breath, relax and look all around you. Take some time to appreciate what you have. Don't get caught up in thoughts about what will or could happen in the future. The future isn't here right now, so you can't deal with it yet. Do what you can right now (first step would probably be to relax and take care of yourself, then you could work on job applications if that's useful, etc.) Try not to worry too much about things you can't do anything about at the moment. There will be a better time to deal with those.

I know it's easier said then done, but don't worry too much.

Good luck.
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Well, scoootch over under that rock Brandi, cause I could definitely join you!! I'm going thru the same exact thing right now. Hey...I know where some good rocks are...right on the TN/VA border!! I'l meet ya there!!
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Awww, I know how hard it can be. Don't give up because things will turn around.
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good vibes coming your way!
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I definetely get that feeling sometimes. Actually I have it right now, so make some more room under your rock...

My DH runs his own company in home remodeling/repair. People don't do remodeling this time of year. I know it will turn around shortly, I just get stressed being so strapped right now. We pretty much did Christmas on credit, so we have to pay that off now. I backed my work down to part-time on DH's urging to be available to cart stepson around as needed. Now I wish I would never have done it. We bought a new house last August, and are STILL trying to sell the old one, so making two house payments on top of everything

Life WILL turn around for you. Just take everything one thing/day at a time.

Best of wishes!
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Sending lots of good vibes your way!
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Awww, sending many calming vibes for you I am so sorry you are feeling this way..that is not good
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Many your way.

It stinks, but the thing you need to keep focused on is keeping a roof over your head, warmth if you need it, and food in your mouth.

Start by cutting back as much as possible: I.e. you don't need cable television...especially if you have digital cable. Remember to turn off all electricity when you leave the house, and clip as much coupons for food! It doesn't seem like much but will help save some money!
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I am so in your shoes. My mom has been in the hospital for well over a month. She needs my comfort but I can't be with her all of the time because of my busy work schedule.
The advice I have is try to relax and take life a step at a time. We will or have stumbled on occurances which are so overwhelming. I wish you all of the luck in the world, sweetie! ::hugz::
(hehe, I think I need to take some of my advice as well)
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Im right there with you!! It seems like when things go wrong they go really wrong! The other day I take a job outta town for some extra cash and got a ticket while going there! Just going to work that day lost me money!!
I think money is the single most stressfull thing there is!

Have you tried any government programs?? Food stamps, housing and electrical assistance?? I would try some of those! (I need to take some of my own advice too!)

I wish you the best of luck hon, and keep in mind theres always a rainbow at the end of a rainstorm!!
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I sure hope thats one great big rock, because it sounds like a lot of us are right there with you. One thing that i always try to remember when i start feeling down and overwhelmed is this "always be thankful for what you do have, because somewhere out there, there are people who dont have that" Be thankful you have a roof over your head, even if the rooms under that roof need a little cleaning, be thankful that at least some of the bills are getting paid, there are people out there that live in cardboard boxes and cant afford a meal much less rent. Just take it one day at a time and be thankful for what you have and things will eventually start to go your way. Life is full of ups and downs, just get ready because things will get brighter soon.
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Anymore room under that rock?
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of course!! Its nice to know that Im not alone!
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Add one more person to the colony under the rock!
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When I moved to Texas, it was b/c I wanted to be w/ my ex-b/f (the mentally ill abusive one, whom I didn't know was abusive & mentally ill till after the fact - otherwise, I wouldn't have done it). Anyway, after I got here, he told me that we had made a mistake, and to get out. To where?? I didn't know anyone, had no job, and had no money to get back home with, or to get my own place.

I wasn't just overwhelmed - I was terrified!

To make an endlessly long story short, I found a job (as crappy as it was), found a even crappier one-room cabin to live in which had no furniture, no heat or a/c, no fridge to put food in or stove to cook with, no decent plumbing, and you couldn't even drink the water b/c it was so putrid. I never knew such horror existed. But I did what I could with what I had, and survived - some how...

I never thought I would be able to fight my way back after all of that - but I did..

You can too. It may be rough at times, and there will be times when you feel like just crawling into bed and staying there, but you'll make it. Just take things one day at a time, and before you know it, you'll have things under control again. Things may look bleak now, but there is always a rainbow after the storm..

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Its all really starting to get to me... Today I was talking to my mom and she made the comment w/o thinking "Did you know you would have been due by the middle of next month to the first week in march? " I lost it I cried and cried...she felt horrible! I know she didnt realize the state I was in or have been in. I dont know right nerves are so shot!
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Lately yes, pretty much everyday. I am hoping it is a cycle, as I am not a person who likes being this busy all the time. I find myself hoping to get sick just to have some rest down time. lol. Now that is bad huh? Won't happen, I never get sick.
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I think everyone goes through these kinds of times. I know when I'm feeling totally frazzled I can't even sleep. My mind will just race with thoughts of all the things that need to be done or accomplished. Even with sleeping pills it's really hard for me to put my mind on hold. The best advice I can give is to find someone you completly trust ie- best friend, parent, sibling, bf, husband and just let everything all out. I go to my best friend all the time and just bawl my eyes out. Half the time she doesn't even know what's wrong till I've had a good cry then I can better explain things. If I don't get it out I go into a very bad depression. In my opinion crying is the best remedy in hard times.
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