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That Darn Button!

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Salsa class was umm... interesting. During warm up, the button came off my pants. They fit, it's just that the thread it was sewed on with was 5 " long.
So, I go to the front desk and ask if they have a safety pin. They couldn't find one. I borrowed the stapler but it didn't work.
I finally gave up and bought capri stretch pants with the health club logo on them. I am $30 poorer.
At this point,I have missed about 10 minutes of class. I get in and pick up the dance (I am a good dancer). Leyder, the instructor, gives us a new step. I get it. He looks directly at me and says that I should put more weight on the back leg. Okay. He wanted more "pizzaz" in it. So I put more weight on that leg and kicked the other one high. You want pizzaz? I'll give you pizzaz! Maybe it was because I remembered it was his birthday yesterday and led the class in singing "Happy Bilrthday!"
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I wish I could get my husband to take dance classes with me! I would love to learn to salsa! I've taken swing dance classes before and those were fun, but that was back in high school...
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I really want to learn to dance too - but it's so expensive over here! Hang that, LIVING is expensive over here! Buying groceries is downright scandelous with prices rising again and again, and the tax would knock you sideways. You buy a car, you pay 180% of that price in tax. Anything between 35% and 60% from your wages..... makes me sick! It sucks when you're on as little money as I am in a month, and most of it disappears into a tax system where you don't see any return on it. Sucks.

Anyway, I'm rambling - it's just typical that a button should come of your pants in the middle of a dance class.... it's just like the one time you want to bend down and pick something off the floor in public and the back of your jeans split. Always the least opportune moment! Glad you were able to rescue the situation though - I'd have died with embarassment if it were me!
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One time me and my sister were out dancing..and she does this stupid move that she thinks is sexy..well when she did it, her pants split RIGHT FROM HER KNEES TO THE TOP OF HER BUTT

That showed her not to do the move anymore
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