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Woohoo! Canada Wins Gold - Again!

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OK all you Canucks, let's root for our team in the gold medal game tomorrow. They did well today.
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They did awesome today!!

Lots of luck against Sweden!!
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Cheers on their way from the Wet Coast!
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Good Luck think gold
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Lots of luck against Sweden!!
We're going to need all of the luck that we can get!

Sweden spends a great deal of money and effort on their hockey teams. We have our work cut out for us with them playing against us.
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I went to Cornell and I sat next to this cute guy in statistics. Talked to him all the time (face it, statistics is boring). He told me he was from Canada. I asked him which position he played on the hockey team and he said "left wing."
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Canada won their fourth gold in a row at Men's Junior World Hockey! YEEESSSSSS! WE ARE HOCKEY! We grow up living and breathing this way to go Canada! And better yet ............. two local boys on the team!
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Wow! We beat Sweden?! While I wanted Canada to win, I sure didn't expect that we would beat Sweden.
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That's 4 in a row!! Can't wait until next season.
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I knew it! They always win
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That's great!!
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I thought my newspaper said it was the 7th Consecutive win but that was probably another of my "senior" moments.

WTG Team Canada! I was surprised they beat Sweden as well.

ETA: I merged the two threads about this subject.

ETAA: Has anyone noticed a lack of congratulations from our neighbours to the south?
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